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What Craft Driven Market Research is

Globally, a large number of young and passionate people are coming forward with new ideas and dreams. They start their businesses and give their cents to the growth of the economy. However, there are many start-ups which shut down before reaching their maturity. In the year 2016, it has been reported that more than 200 start-ups closed their doors in India alone. The reasons were a lack of resources, lack of proper planning, lack of correct estimations etc. At this stage, we, at Craft Driven Market Research believe that if they had been provided proper market research, many of them could have been saved. Thus, our plain motive is to support start-ups and businesses in achieving their goals through market research.

 Craft Driven Market Research provides market intelligence, business consulting and market research services that span across various segments of start-up industry. We aim at providing you best solutions and knowledge to increase your market space and gain maximum benefit of your business. We specialize in market research that covers market intelligence, competition analysis, regulatory analysis, customer preferences and customer segmentation and profiling. We help you to formulate best strategies for your business.

Why Craft Driven

We provide satisfactory results and reports to our clients. We believe in no fees if not satisfied. Our aim is to increase the profitability of your business through our thorough market research.

How we Work

We work alongside our clients. We first interact with our client to know what they require and how they have built up their business from the initial stage and what challenges they are facing or how they want to grow. This provides us insight into the goals of the business of our clients and helps us to work with the same zeal as you do for your business.

Craft Driven Market Research’s Expertise

We work in various industries and provide research reports for the benefit of investors, industry veterans and also the ones who are planning to enter the industry. Our reports are different from other market research reports in a way that we add the matter of practicality and usability to our report. We try to make it simple and interactive to be easily used by our clients. We specialise in:

  • Competition analysis
  • Market opportunities
  • Customer profiling
  • Latest trends and projections
  • SWOT analysis
  • Strategy formulation
  • Product Comparison


For customised market research reports for any kind of startups and business in any industry, you can contact Craft Driven Market Research team here directly.


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