CSR funding in career counselling



Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is not a new concept to big corporates. They are involved in serving the society through donation and charity events. Career counselling is a rising trend in education sector. In fact, CSR funding can be a great way to reach to the whole population of students in our country. It’s highly important to guide the students and highlight their potential and capabilities. With no doubt education sector is at the crucial stage of its growth with huge population. In a developing country like India, a home to many big corporate organisation, CSR will surely boost the economy more rapidly. Furthermore, CSR funding in career counselling can boost the quality of education and promise a bright future for the country.

This report has several purposes and will interest audience from corporate sector and NGOs. It will encourage businesses who are thinking to invest their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) funding in education sector. In addition this will also guide NGOs who are interested in improving career guidance at national level. Career counsellors will also be benefited by understanding on how to widen the scope of their services. In addition to this, schools and education institutes can seek benefit from the report as a guideline towards implementing career counselling at their premises and learning challenges that most of the NGOs and career counsellors have faced in inspiring career counselling programs.


  1. About the report

  2. What is CSR and Corporate Law 2013?

  3. CSR payback to corporate

  4. Government efforts in education

  5. Corporate efforts in education

  6. CSR and Career Counselling

  7. CSR initiatives in Career Counselling

  8. Finding and analysis

  9. Government Scheme-Career Counselling

  10. NGO efforts to support Career Counselling

  11. Impact of Career Counselling


  1. CSR spend in 2014-15, 250 BSE listed companies

  2. Projected CSR spend-2020

  3. Number of companies (funding as compared to prescribed CSR %)

  4. Percentage of companies engaged with different CSR segments

  5. Top 15’ CSR spends in education (INR crore)

  6. Percentage of companies and their education spend out of total CSR spend

  7. Components of education spending

  8. Companies engages in career counselling

  9. Percentage of money spent on career counselling out of total CSR spend


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