ERP Migration to cloud- 2016-17


A wide variety of IT Services are moving to the cloud system


As a wide variety of Information Technology Services are moving to the cloud system, more and more companies are looking to measures to transfer their Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system to the cloud. This although a great necessity of today’s time is not as easy as it seems. Only few organisations have the required skills to migrate their ERP system to the cloud and have succeeded in moving small segments of ERP to cloud. However, transferring the whole system is supposed to be quite complex and requires definite skills. The demand has been accepted by many start-ups and IT based SMEs which are working towards helping corporates in migrating their ERP platform to the cloud and bringing them in the forefront of technology.

This report is being provided by Blogsophy in collaboration with Craft Driven Market Research. The teams have made an effort to build up a foundation of knowledge for the start-ups in this industry so that they step forward in a right direction. We take this opportunity to thank all the people involved in giving suggestions and editing this report to make it useful for our readers. We hope that you enjoy reading this report.


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