Financial-Tech Services Trends 2016-17


India’s financial services is witnessing


India’s financial-tech services sector is witnessing a great transformation era with the emergence of several start-ups which are changing the traditional ways of doing investments, lending money, payment processes and banking structure. The year 2016 was a phenomenal year for financial services sector of start-ups. Various factors are promoting these start-ups such as increased use of smart-phones, increased expectations from customers, great innovations in technology and increasing competition in the industry. If considered the current market turn-out, financial services sector appears to be setting up great opportunities for the entrepreneurs in the country. Some of the most popular sub-sectors in this industry are prepaid credit cards, mobile wallets, insurance platforms, investment and lending platforms etc. With advancements in technology, a lot of activities are registered with the use of security and risk measures. The industry has seen a great rise due to massive growth in industries such as e-commerce and retail.

This report focusses on different segments in the financial services industry and is aimed at start-ups only. Further, there is analysis based on data collected from start-ups, recommendations, future projections and potential challenges this industry is going to face. This report is an exciting opportunity for start-up founders to understand the industry in-depth and make aware decisions while handling potential future changes that are going to happen. This report specifically serves Indian start-ups industry and will serve as a guide to those working or thinking of starting to work in this industry.


  1. Financial Services- What it is?
  2. Entities involved in financial services
  3. Sector Overview
  4. Different Business Models
  5. Challenges for start-ups
  6. Number of companies founded year-wise
  7. Presence of fin-tech start-ups across India
  8. Segments of industry
  9. Explanation of segments
  10. Upcoming sectors
  11. Funding of industry- amount and number
  12. Segment wise funding
  13. City wise funding
  14. Funding type- seed, early, late, number and amount
  15. SWOT analysis
  16. PESTLE Analysis
  17. Top investors and investments
  18. Growth outlook of top companies
  19. Recommendations
  20. Team


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