Industry Reports

We provide start-up industry reports on major trends and changes happening in different segments across the globe or in a specific country. We have worked from education to food-tech business. We focus on providing usable research that targets audiences such as start-up founders, investors, market veterans and those who are planning to launch start-ups in the domain. Our research helps the readers to take better and informed decisions by anticipating trends and growth in their specific industry. Our reports generally include the following:

  • Current trends in the industry
  • Challenges in the industry in detail
  • Projections
  • SWOT analysis
  • Pestle analysis
  • Case studies
  • Success/ Failure stories with reasons

Market intelligence reports

We work on various market intelligence reports. These reports are different from industry reports in a way that they target specific market for a specific company or segment of a company. This includes market intelligence. The research in these reports helps our clients in cases of new product launches, market expansion and rejuvenating already existing markets. The report generally includes;

  • Customer Profiling
  • Customer Segmentation
  • Potential Customer Profiling
  • SWOT Analysis Strength-Weakness-Opportunities-Threats. 
  • Competition Landscape
  • Industry Projections
  • Company Projection
  • Market Entry Scope
  • Operations Gap
  • Marketing Research


We provide vast databases that include

  • Contact lists
  • Merger and acquisition details
  • Customer databases

Strategy Formulation

We engage with our clients to understand their challenges and problems to provide them solutions for business improvement. With our analytics team and market research team, our clients are benefited with a sound strategy formulation. Whether you need solutions on how to improve marketing efforts or require a strategy for cost cutting, our team works with you to effectively help in taking decision making for your business through research and analytics.


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