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Craft Driven is a boutique market research based strategy consulting firm. We work closely with our clients spanning across multiple industries (Fitness and wellness, Sports, Consumer Goods, Agro-tech, Automobile, Furniture and Wood Industry, Chemical, Energy, Food and Beverages, Food-Tech, Healthcare, Staffing, Manufacturing, Media and Entertainment, Retail, Telecommunication etc.). We specialise in conducting Market Analysis, Customer Analysis, Competitive Landscape, Brand Strategy Development, Pricing Strategy, Financial Analysis, Feasibility Analysis, Marketing Strategy and Disruptive Strategy. We believe in the sustainable growth of the companies and have been working on supporting several companies across the globe in achieving the same. 

Craft Driven has a unique way of working and you can trust that it works efficiently and provides effective business solutions. We first focus on understanding your business (of course after NDA) and then build up your requirements and challenging zones. This provides us with a strong direction to work further. We then perform secondary market research, the report of which will be shared with you. Followed by it, we work on the strategic business development plan as is workable for the client. During the process, we often look up for interviews from the founding teams (managing teams) to gather inputs.

Rest you can be assured that the whole exercise is not being worked upon through anybody’s gut feeling. It is being thoroughly researched upon for market trends and viability and that’s Craft Driven’s expertise. There is a complete structure of working that you will get to know once we connect!

Why Craft Driven? 

We are not just market strategists, we provide you strength in taking business decisions based on thorough market research.

Our process of working involves the following steps:

1. Market Research and analysing the viability of the business
    a) Customer analysis
    b) Competitor Landscape
    c) Pricing Analysis based on the above two
    d) Market Trends and Market Analysis
    e) Financial Analysis of the project
    f) Overall feasibility of the plan
    g) Support in Primary research set-up/ Designing

2. Preparation of go-to-market strategy
    a) Market Research strategy recommendation based on the whole analysis done in the first step
    b) Work on business model development that includes a revenue model and pricing model along with
    c) Projections of the business considering sales, revenue, profit margin, customers served etc.
    d) Market Entry Strategy/ Market Expansion Strategy if required

3. An additional section that is covered along sides the whole study is consideration of the laws and norms in the regions that you will be selling the product

How we Work?

We work alongside our clients. We first interact with our client to know what they require and how they have built up their business from the initial stage and what challenges they are facing or how they want to grow. This provides us with insight into the goals of the business of our clients and helps us to work with the same zeal as you do for your business.

If you would like to talk to us and discuss whether we can be a good team together, you can send a message to us here directly. We will reply you within 24 working hours.


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