Strategy Development is an ongoing process. We invest our time in understanding your business and then perform a thorough market research to back any business decision to be taken by you. We know that your business idea is crucial to you and you might have invested your life savings and time in bringing your idea to life. We essentially believe that market research saves not just your time but your overall costing since you are aware in advance what can work in the stated market and what cannot.

Though we work with the client closely and the whole set of services are defined only after the first meeting, yet we are naming some of the services so as to provide a wider idea.

Market Research 

a) Customer Analysis
b) Competitor Landscape
c) Pricing Analysis
d) Customer Segmentation
e) Market Forecasting
f) Financial Analysis of the project
g) Business feasibility Analysis
h) Primary Research Designing and Analysing results

Marketing Strategy   

a) Marketing Research strategy recommendation 
b) Work on business model development that includes revenue model and pricing model along-with
c) Projections of the business considering sales, revenue, profit margin, customers served etc.
d) Market Entry Strategy/ Market Expansion Strategy if required
e) Prioritize Marketing Spends across geographies and platforms
f) Brand Recognition Strategy
g) Digital Marketing Strategy 

Growth and Innovation Analysis  

a). Focus Group studies with potential customer
b). Interviews with industry experts
c). Innovation Lab
d). Internal Assessment with experts
e). Commercial Ability of innovations

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