1. What is Craft Driven Market Research?
Craft Driven Market Research is a research-oriented firm that provides you insights about market trends which are focused towards small companies and start-ups.

2. Do I need to subscribe?
We are providing a package for education industry trends that includes
a. Market reports for industry segments,
b. Case studies that can help you learn from other businesses,
c. Interviews of those having a good experience in this industry.
Our team has put in a lot of efforts and time in bringing out the actionable insights for you and for a small annual subscription fee, you can receive well-researched content.

3. How much content will I get in one year?
In the education industry, we will be providing around 8-12 research reports, 24+ case studies and 25+ interviews. However, you have a monthly limit to the reports that you can download a maximum of 3 reports (any 3 of the listed).

4. What will I get in the free signup option?
You will have a full access to interviews, you can buy individual reports from the home-page/ shop page and you can read our small research blogs related to different industries.

5. Are there any refunds?
There will be few case studies that will be free to read and research reports as well which are free of cost. You can judge from there whether the content will be useful for you or not. We do not offer any refunds and we stand by the quality throughout the year.

6. Will I be getting newsletters?
We will be sending you a monthly or bi-weekly newsletter so that you get the updates about the new reports, case studies or additional insights uploaded on the website.

7. My payment is not going through, what should I do?
Kindly email us at [email protected] or call at; +91-9560847547. We will take an action within a day unless there are errors from the banking end.

8. So finally, how much should I pay?
We have a yearly subscription priced at INR 3600 (excluding GST of 18%).

9. Do you have any corporate or multiple user plans?
Kindly contact us at [email protected]. Our team that handles pricing and other decisions is mostly quite generous, so we would recommend you to contact.

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