A Report on Career Counselling 2017



Globally, the most important topics of concern have long been education and even after efforts from several educationists, educational organisations and country governments, we have yet not achieved our targets. In fact, we have made the education system so complicated that new challenges have taken space such as mental anxiety, stress, depression and financial problems for receiving the quality education. At this time, we review Career Counselling 2017 is an important part of academics to understand what the education system is lacking and what the gaps are.

Career Counselling initially started as a support service in job finding, however, with time, it evolved and now it is considered as an essential element of the academic curriculum. A platform where the student is guided by their talents, skills and strengths through which he/she can select an appropriate and fulfilling career.

Around the world, students face a big challenge when they have to decide their career. A few students are confident of their career decision, however, many students have no reliable source of guidance and thus they fail to understand what career option will be suitable for them. A majority of students, globally, select a career option considering what their peers are selecting or what their parents suggest them to do.

The importance of career guidance lies in the prevalent career unawareness. In the majority of cases, students select their career based on what their peers are selecting or what their parents think is right for them. This often leads to dissatisfaction in career and the biggest reasons behind mental anxiety, depression and increasing suicide cases among the students and professionals.

Observing the severity of the situation, it is highly important to develop a concrete platform for the students where they can get their career queries solved. In fact, increasing competitiveness demands greater efforts towards the right career guidance to the students as well as professionals.

Table of Contents provided in Career Counselling 2017 Report:


  • Career Counselling- A way forward
    1. Getting to know Career Counselling
    2. Advancement of Careers
    3. Why Career Counselling
    4. History of Career Counselling
    5. Ways to do Career Counselling
    6. Pros and Cons of different career counselling methods


  • Who are Career Counsellors
  1. Role of Career Counsellors
  2. Misconceptions and Malpractices in Career
  3. Counselling


  • Career Counselling in different Countries
    1. India
    2. United Kingdom
    3. Canada
    4. Europe
    5. Japan
    6. Global Education Attainment and Performance Scoring
    7. Career Counselling in Asia


  • Career Counselling Division by Age Group
  1. Students- School Level
  2. Graduate and Post-Graduates
  3. Working Professionals
  4. Senior Citizens
  5. Education Success and Career Counselling Relationship


  • CSR and Career Counselling
    1. Facts about Career Counselling and CSR
    2. CSR in Different Countries- Government Initiatives
    3. Analysing CSR laws in Different Countries
    4. Components of CSR spending in Education


  • Career Counselling and Social Issues
    1. Tool for Increasing Enrolment Rate
    2. Removing Gender Disparity
    3. Decreasing Unemployment Rate
    4. Challenges Faced by Career Counsellors
    5. Impacts of Lack of Career Counselling
    6. Career Counselling for Economic Upliftment
    7. PEST Analysis
    8. Conclusion


This report has been published by CareerGuide.com with Craft Driven Market Research as Research Partner.


Know how counselling is helping the students in opting the career and impacting the children in building their aims, the economy and the education system with combined efforts of private and government sectors. A career counsellor plays an important role in a student’s life. Go through the whole report to know about all the aspects of Career Counselling 2017 and its impact on the various countries.


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