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In the past one decade, technology has taken over our lives and has entered into each and every sphere of our working pattern. Technology has significantly improved production across various industries, has managed to build stronger and wider networks and has eased the way of communication to the level one could never ever thought of. One of the beneficiary sectors of this phenomenon is education. A big thanks to Indian Edu-tech startups to familiarize the technology in the education sector.

Technology in education is the need of the hour in countries like India which is working hard to achieve 100% literacy rate. Research done on 270 education based start-ups clearly shows their active participation to provide education in an innovative and futuristic way. These start-ups cater to different segments of the industry and are leading to an overall development of country’s youth. If the environment of start-ups keeps on growing, the time is no longer far away when there will be at least one-person e-literate in every house of the country.

Contents in Edu-Tech Startups And Trends Report:

  1. About The Report
  2. Introduction
  3. Indian Education Landscape 2016
  4. Presence Of Edu-Tech Startups
  5. Digital Literacy Centres And Edu-Tech Presence
  6. Segments Of Edu-Tech Startups
  7. Funding For Edu-tech Startups
  8. Segment Wise Funding
  9. City Wise Funding
  10. Funding Type
  11. List Of Major Investors In The Edu-Tech Sector
  12. SWOT Analysis Of Industry
  13. PESTLE Analysis
  14. Recommendation
  15. Upcoming Start-ups- Career Clinic, GetBuddy


Figures of Edu-tech Startups:

  1. Edu-Tech Start-ups And Literacy Centres’ Relation
  2. The Share Of Edu-Tech Segments
  3. Number Of Funding- Projection 2019
  4. Percentage Of Funding Segment Wise
  5. Number Of Funding-City Wise 2014-16
  6. Funding Type 2014-16
  7. List Of Major Investors
  8. SWOT Analysis
  9. PESTLE Analysis


The online education system is increasingly taking over the traditional methods of teaching. Even the first-grade student today knows how to operate a computer and can efficiently open websites that are of use to him. Technology has become more advanced and increasing number of innovations are coming up in the education industry. This trend has opened up several opportunities for the students. 

This report has several purposes and will interest a wide audience. It will support founders of Edu-tech startup companies to better strategize keeping in mind all the issues that are discussed in the report. The report will support them to understand new trends and probable future outcomes out of those trends. Investors will be benefited by getting an insight into how companies need to be evaluated for promising future.


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