Gaming Industry Analysis 2020


In the last seven months, the world has changed a lot. The impact of pandemic was observed in almost the whole of the world. Pandemic has impacted some of the industries in a greater manner when compared to others. The gaming industry is one of the industries that has grown significantly due to pandemic conditions. Further to that, across the world, people are unable to visit entertainment places outside their homes and that has further resulted in greater opportunities for the online gaming companies as well as gaming console companies to expand their business. Further to this, the young and professional customer base is making the games highly popular in today’s time.


The gaming market is growing so fast in the world, and this growth of the Gaming Industry is strong from the very beginning of its origin. Continuous innovations and new technologies in the gaming industry have generated an endless stream of new products, platforms, and market models. The games industry has the fair business inducement to place video back to videogames and take the lead in the reform of the digital media landscape. Now in the present days gaming industries are the most talkable subject in esports. The worldwide gaming industry is estimated to register a CAGR of 12.5% by 2020-2025. According to data nearly 1 billion people around the world now stream games over the internet monthly. Nearly 1 / 4 of all internet users, quite 1 billion people watch the live stream of gamers per month.

Table of Content

  • Executive Summary
  •      Market Trend
  •      Key Market Trends
  • Working on new innovations & technologies
  • Current Trend of Gaming Industry
  • Gaming Industry Insight
  •    Console Gaming:
  •    PC Gaming
  •    Mobile Gaming
  •    Online Gaming:
  • Analysis
  •    Customer Analysis:
  •    Competitive Analysis
  •         Rockstar Games
  •         Microsoft
  •         Nintendo
  •         Tencent Holdings Ltd.
  •         Activision Blizzard
  •         Electronic Arts
  •         Namco
  • Gaming Companies
  •       Rockstar Games
  •       Sony Interactive Entertainment
  •       Activision Blizzard
  •       Gameloft
  •       Ubisoft
  •       Nintendo
  •       Microsoft Corporation
  •       Electronic Arts
  •       Tencent
  •        Infinity Ward
  • Different business model
  •       Paid games
  •       Free-to-play
  •       Ad-Supported games
  •       Subscription
  •       Hybrid model games
  • Growth
  •       New technology and changes
  •       Artificial Intelligence Gives A Makeover to Game Graphics
  •       Virtual Reality (VR)
  •       Secondary screens devices for gamers
  • Impacts:
  •       COVID
  • Future:
  •       5G Games
  •       Cloud Gaming
  •       Indie Games
  •       Cross-Platform Gaming
  •        VR and AR
  • References


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