Health-Tech Industry And Trends



The health-tech sector is one of the sectors that is witnessing great advancements in technology. Several new applications have emerged along with the use of big data. Start-ups have evolved from simple doctor consultation to use of advanced technologies that can help manage the hospitals. The research was done on 154 healthcare based technology start-ups clearly show a futuristic vision of these start-ups. These start-ups have even reached tier-II cities and no longer there will be a time when the health care services will become just a click away for every Indian. Healthcare is one of those sectors where you will find a large number of the population in the workforce with more than 20 years of work in the same organization.

The report serves many purposes and will be very helpful for health-tech start-up founders and investors. Founders will get to understand the new and emerging trends in the healthcare industry and get to know about future outcomes. On the other side, investors will get to know the insight needed in the health-tech sector and will be very helpful to avoid fruitless investment. In addition to this, the report will be of tremendous support to those who are beginning to start another health-tech company. 

Contents In The Health-tech Sector Report:

  1. About The Report
  2. Introduction
  3. The Landscape Of The Health System In India
  4. Startups In Healthtech Sector
  5. City Wise Funding
  6. Year Wise Funding
  7. Segments In The Healthcare Industry
  8. Segment Wise Funding
  9. SWOT Analysis Of Industry
  10. Popular Investors In The Healthcare Industry
  11. Recommendations


  1. Villages With Medical Facilities
  2. Percentage Of Health Startups In Different Cities
  3. City Wise Funding
  4. Percentage Of Segment Presence
  5. Percent Of Funding Segment Wise
  6. Year Wise Segment Funding
  7. SWOT Analysis
  8. List Of Major Investors


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