Global Renewable Energy Industry Analysis 2020


Total global renewable power generation capacity by energy source amounted to 2573 GW at the end of 2019. Hydropower having the most significant share of the worldwide regenerated with a capacity of 1190 GW. Wind and solar power accounted for the remaining global regeneration with capacities of 620 GW and 585 GW, respectively.The share of renewable by electricity generation capacity expansion continued its growing trend to reach 72% in 2019. Energy generation’s global capacity at the end of 2019 was 2537 GW.As renewable energies are growing, they become more excellent prospects as an investment proposition, from just a yearly global investment of USD 50 billion into this industry a decade ago, has grown to USD 300 billion per year.


The renewable energy industry has faced quite more attraction during the lockdown as the whole world was able to witness how the Earth healed itself in just a few months and we, the humans need to be more careful about our actions and the impact on the Earth. This has sparked great interest among the industries to reduce their carbon footprint while on the other hand, be ready to adopt more of renewable energy sources. The countries have started discussing more on adopting the traditional renewable energy sources while continuing the research on more low emission energy sources.

Current situations have made it even more important to implement renewable energy sources in different fields. Some countries such as India has already pledged to have 450GW of renewable energy sources by 2030. Similar pledges have been taken by other countries such as UAE and other Gulf nations in their Vision 2030. On the other hand, some regions such as Nordic countries already have at least 2/3rd of their electricity sources coming from renewable sources because of good usage of hydropower in Norway and Sweden. Denmark has the highest share of wind power in the world.

Without any doubt, the fractions of the world have already advanced in the renewable energy sources, however, the need of the today’s world is to work collectively and develop the technologies that can benefit the whole world. The report will be a good knowledge source for the investors and the businesses that are looking forward to creating a change in this industry. This report will work as a great foundation for these entrepreneurs.

Table of Contents

Executive Summary

Market Introduction

     Wind Power

     Solar Power


Market Trends

    Renewable energy highlights 2020

    Renewable Energy Generation Capacity by Region

    Five Dominating Global Trends 2020

Renewable Energy Technology Highlight 2019-2020

Investment Flows – Global investment in different energy sectors

Green Bonds

Government Influences

     Key Policies and Market Announcements amidst Covid-19

Global Market Size and Analysis

       Wind Power
          i. Wind Power Industry Analysis

      Solar Power

            Solar Power

            PV Industry analysis




          Hydropower Market

         Growth in Hydropower

         Hydropower and Covid-19

Major upcoming projects

Social Impact



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