Norway Web Development Industry and Analysis


Web Development Industry and Analysis of Norway 2018 is a market research report focused on the web development, software development, software designing, software consulting and software training segments of the IT industry and has been supported by various databases, market analysis and surveys to authenticate the results. Projections have been done by author’s understanding and knowledge of the industry.

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Norway is one of the strongest economies of the world having the highest per capita GDP. Major economy boosters for Norway have been oil and gas industry, aquaculture, shipbuilding and construction. Besides these core industries service sector has grown tremendously strong in the past few years in order to support the growth of core industries. ICT, Finance, Legal, clean-tech, mid-tech, biotech, software and web development are booming sectors in Norway. In addition, Norway government is supporting the collaboration of industry and research institutes which results in better outcomes, managed skill force and balanced mentoring with the companies. The start-ups are receiving grants and funding from the public space thus leading to an easier business setting in the country. Recently Norway is also witnessing greater international investment in the private sector.

Considering the ease of doing business, Norway is ranked at number 6 in the world and adding to it, the country is politically stable since a long time and a strong legal system, making it a safe place to start a business in the country. There are more than 5,500 foreign-owned companies in the country. The software development industry comes under servicing as has been mentioned in the Government’s classification of occupations and it can be added to software analysis and software consulting.

Norway has also benefitted strongly from globalization. New technologies and manufacturing units are being set up in the country which is leading to greater demand for software development and consulting services. Some advanced technologies that are in demand currently belong to robotics, 3D printing, and automation of processes across different industries etc. All the stated industrial sectors demand modern software tools and development.

Content in Norway Web Development Industry and Analysis Report 2018:

  1. Economy of Norway- An Outline
  2. Norwegian Web Development Industry
  3. Statistics of Web Development Companies in Norway
  4. Gaps in the Market
  5. Opportunities
  6. Challenges Faced by New Companies in this Industry
  7. Industry Challenges
  8. Market Sizing
  9. Customer Demographics
  10. Public Sector
  11. Mapping of Potential Customer

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