Incubator Trends India-2016-17


Incubator trends have been observing varied specifications


An incubator is an organisational set up that nurtures and supports the growth of a company right from its inception. Some incubators develop a company through expert mentorship and advice and others through the financial help that is much needed in the initial stages of a company. Not only this, many incubators provide office-space to the companies, help them to retain skilled human resources and help them connect with the best people in the industry for a perfect growth plan for the companies. Considering the current industry situation, it is not wrong to say that these incubators prove to be backbone bone of the start-up community of the country. Without these incubators, many big names among the start-ups would not have been able to make a mark in the industry.

This report focusses on different aspects in the incubation industry and is aimed at bringing out the insights that could be of use to start-ups as well as investors. Further, there is an analysis based on data collected from incubators, recommendations, future projections and potential challenges this industry is going to face. This report is an exciting opportunity for start-up founders to understand what incubators will be finding profitable in the future and make aware decisions while handling potential changes that are going to happen. This report specifically serves Indian start-ups industry and will serve as a guide to the start-ups as well as members of incubators.


  1. Overview of incubators in India
  2. Entities involved in the incubator process
  3. Support models followed by incubators
  4. Highlights of the report
  5. Presence of incubators in India
  6. Mode of investment by incubators
  7. Industrial focus by incubators
  8. Popular cities for incubators
  9. Type of institution for incubators
  10. Emerging industries for incubation in India


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