Health Tech Industry And Trends 2018


Health Tech Industry and Trends 2018 is a market research report focused on current trends of the health-tech industry and has been supported by various databases, market analysis and surveys to authenticate the results. Projections have been done by author’s understanding and knowledge of the industry.

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The online community is rapidly increasing in the country. Many people have started exploring the usage of internet for the purposes that were never thought of before. There is an ever-increasing demand for products and services to be bought online. People look for solutions to all their shopping problems online. Further, the advancement has been brought about by the companies in the field of services. The recent addition has been that of the Health Tech industry. Young entrepreneurs have made an excellent collaboration of technology and healthcare to provide exceptional services to the people of India.

The trend started with online doctor consultation and has now become so widespread that many people prefer getting a solution for healthcare online as compared to going to the hospitals. Also, these solutions are becoming successful as well due to their cost-effective nature. This report addresses several questions such as whether the industry is moving in the right direction or not, what are current start-ups bringing up to the platform and where this trend is headed towards. This report will also highlight key factors in the same industry that will include investments, major segments and new trends.

This report has several purposes and will interest a wide audience. It will support founders of health tech companies to better strategize keeping in mind all the issues that are discussed in the report. The report will support them to understand new trends and probable future outcomes out of those trends. Investors will be benefited by getting an insight into how companies need to be evaluated for promising future. The report will be helpful for them in avoiding futile investments. In addition to this, the report will be of tremendous support to those who are beginning to start another company in health tech industry.


Content In Health Tech Industry And Trends Report 2018:


  • About The Report
  • Introduction
  • Landscape Of Health System In India
  • Startups In The Health Tech Sector
  • City Wise Funding
  • Year Wise Funding
  • Segments In Health Tech Industry
  • Segment Wise Funding
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Popular Investors In Health Tech Sector


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