BFSI Sector Industry Analysis- India 2020


COVID- 19 has impacted the BFSI sector in a significant manner all across the globe. The government financial institutions had to make several unexpected changes and policies during the period to not only revive the economy but also support the population. During these current times, BFSI needs to work on maintaining liquidity and managing credit risk while being able to ensure the well-being of its employees. The sector is hardly hit by the pandemic and had to undergo measures that it had never planned in its forecasts of the near future. In fact, many countries were unprepared for any such extreme changes to be taken at the spur of the moment. The economies have fallen down and global governments have accepted that the economy is facing a major recession.


The role of the BFSI sector cannot be undermined even when they are facing one of the major challenges of history. BFSI sector requires changes that have not been taken before and policies that can bring the economies back to their track. However, it is yet to be seen how the economists and the policymakers bring the situations to the normal. This report will mainly focus on different sectors in the BFSI industry and discuss details through quantitative manner. The report will be helpful for the ones looking for the current situation of the BFSI sector and how different parameters impact the overall economic situation.

Table of Contents

Banking Sector

      Introduction to the Sector

      Present Market

      Public v/s Private

Insurance Sector

     Introduction to the Sector

     Present Scenario


     Future Growth Prospects

Financial Services 

      Asset Management Companies 


           Current Scenario 


           Types of Customers 

    Capital Markets

          Market Trends 

          Future Prospects & Effect of Coronavirus Pandemic 

Technological Advancements and Support Factors to Growth of Indian BFSI Sector

Blockchain Technology 

         Benefits of Blockchain Technology to Banks 

         Applications of Blockchain Technology to Other Financial Institutions 

Artificial Intelligence 

        Credit Decisions 

        Risk Management 

        Quantitative Trading 

Personalized Banking 

Cybersecurity and Fraud Detection 

Machine Learning 


Applications in Banking and Financial Sector

Cryptocurrencies in India

      Present Market & Companies

      Future Prospects

Effect of Covid-19 on Overall Industry



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