Global Paint Industry Market Research-2020


One of the subsets of the global chemical industry, the paint industry provides stable revenues with higher investments with major players contributing to the chunk of market share. The industry is currently facing big challenges attributed to aggressive competition amidst suppliers with a 30-40% shrink globally. The increased environmental concerns and VOC Norms are driving innovations in the areas like Eco-friendliness, Odor-free, dust-heat-water resistant, Nano-coatings driving market leadership for major players. The market promises good returns with newer growth opportunities within the Asian market.


The report gives an overview of the entire size of the global paint industry, its growth rate as well as attractiveness concerning the investors or the potential entrants. As per the research data, the growth rate (CAGR) of the global paint industry from 2015 to 2019 has been 2.28%, with market size increasing from the US $ 141.5 billion to the US $ 154.87 billion. Major global players like Sherwin Williams, PPG & Akzo Nobel are well established and enjoy a significant chunk of the paint market. In India, Asian Paints is the undisputed leader, followed by Berger Paints India & Kansai Nerolac.

Table of Content:

  • Executive Summary
  • Introduction to Paint Industry
  • Industry Overview & Performance
    •    Industry Projections before COVID-19 pandemic
    •    COVID-19 impact and revised projections
  • Market Segments
    •    Decorative
    •    Industrial
  • Industry Analysis
    •    Porter Five Forces Analysis
    •    Inference from Analysis
  • Global Paint Industry
  • Indian Paint Industry
  • Market Analysis
  • Competitive Analysis
    •    Global Leader SWOT Analysis
    •    Indian Leader SWOT Analysis
  • Customer Analysis
    •    Customer Behavior Key Drivers
  • Global Trends
  • Environment & Health-Related Aspects
  • Certificate Agencies & Regulations
  • Revenue Model
  • Product sales
  • Service offerings
  • Integrated solutions
  • Channels
    •    Sales
    •       Direct sales
    •       Indirect sales
    •       Retail sales
    •       Web sales
    •       Affiliate sales
    •    Marketing
    •       Segmentation
    •       Targeting 
    •        Positioning
  • Conclusion
  • References 


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