ERP Migration To Cloud- 2016-17


ERP Migration To Cloud – SMEs Landscape India 2017 is a market research report focused on current trends of the ERP migration and has been supported by various databases, market analysis and surveys to authenticate the results. Projections have been done by author’s understanding and knowledge of the industry.

No. of Pages – 25


As a wide variety of Information Technology Services is moving to the cloud system, more and more companies are looking for measures to transfer their Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system to the cloud. This although a great necessity of today’s time is not as easy as it seems. Only a few organisations have the required skills to migrate their ERP system to the cloud and have succeeded in moving small segments of Enterprise Resource Planning to cloud. However, transferring the whole system is supposed to be quite complex and requires definite skills. The demand has been accepted by many start-ups and IT-based SMEs which are working towards helping corporates in migrating their current platform to the cloud and bringing them to the forefront of technology.

Enterprise Resource Planning has become necessary for businesses owing to its clear functionality and technical power that proves to be an added advantage in increasing return on investment for the firms. Initially, Enterprise Resource Planning solutions were used only as a support to the IT department of the companies, however, with modernisation, it has become an integral part of the companies. Now, the quest is to use the cloud for ERP. Enterprise Resource Planning includes different business platforms such as finance, accounting, sales, distribution, material management, HR, manufacturing etc.

Content in ERP Migration To Cloud Report:

  1. ERP In The Cloud- What It Is?
  2. Services Involved In The ERP Migration Business
  3. Deployment Models
  4. Sector Overview
  5. Business Models
  6. Challenges For SMEs In This Sector
  7. Number Of Companies Founded Year-Wise
  8. Presence Of ERP Cloud Migration Start-ups Across India
  9. Segments Of Industry
  10. Upcoming Trends
  11. Funding In The Industry- Amount And Number
  12. SWOT Analysis
  13. PESTLE Analysis
  14. Recommendations

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