ERP Migration To Cloud- 2018-19


ERP Migration to Cloud: Small to Medium Enterprise Landscape in India 2018-19 is a market research report focused on current trends of the ERP migration and has been supported by various databases, market analysis and surveys to authenticate the results. Projections have been done by author’s understanding and knowledge of the industry.

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An ERP cloud migration can be one of the most transformative investments done by a technology company. This increases the number of opportunities to the companies providing support in seamless migration to the cloud. Use of ERP in different departments such as sales, marketing, finance, accounting, HR etc. makes it a complex task for a company to integrate all the data and with all the security measures migrate it to the cloud and here comes the role of enterprises offering service of ERP migration.

This is quite strange to know that an industry with such a high potential in near future has been closely neglected by investors. Even then, the companies are doing pretty fine and some of them have been in the industry since 1993. Although, these companies initially started out with IT services they improvised themselves according to the new technologies. Many of them have now adopted cloud technology which is expected to grow many folds in the coming 5 years.

Among the companies recognised in the industry, only 4 have received investment from VCs and investment firms. One interesting point is all the companies that received any kind of funding were incorporated in or after 2010. The older companies possibly have gained stability in the market and could be of lesser attracted to any kind of funding.

Content in ERP Migration To Cloud Report:

  1. ERP In The Cloud- What It Is?
  2. Services Involved In The ERP Migration Business
  3. Deployment Models
  4. Sector Overview
  5. Business Models
  6. Challenges For SMEs In This Sector
  7. Number Of Companies Founded Year-Wise
  8. Presence Of ERP Cloud Migration Start-ups Across India
  9. Segments Of Industry
  10. Upcoming Trends
  11. Funding In The Industry- Amount And Number
  12. SWOT Analysis
  13. PESTLE Analysis
  14. Recommendations


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