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With more than 150 food technology start-ups in India, there is a huge buzz in the food-tech industry. Food techs are not only limited to restaurants take-out, they moved from home cooked food delivery to diet-specific food. Most of them are targeting Tier-I and Tier-II cities. The food-tech industry in the last couple of years grows in every segment be it street food or fine dining. A study done on 70 food tech start-ups operational in 2016 reveals that most of the food tech companies are based in metro cities Bangalore, Delhi and NCR region.

Contents Of Food-Tech Industry & Trends Report:

  1. Consumer Segmentation
  2. Key Market Clusters
  3. Emerging Categories
  4. Investments And Amount Raised
  5. Logistics
  6. Role Of Logistics In Food Delivery Business
  7. Popular Third-Party Delivery Companies
  8. Market Penetration
  9. Total Orders- Projection
  10. Business Structure & M&A’s
  11. Findings And Analysis


Figures In Food-Tech Industry:

  1. City Wise Number Of Registered Stores
  2. Categories Of Food-Techs
  3. Percentage Of Funded vs Non-Funded Food-Techs
  4. Funding In Specific Categories
  5. Number Of Investments Category Wise
  6. Number Of Companies Funded 2013-18
  7. Market Penetration
  8. Total Orders- Projection
  9. Self-Preparation vs On Order
  10. Table- M&A’s
  11. Table-M&A’s 2


This report has several purposes and will interest a wide audience. It will support founders of food delivery companies to better strategize keeping in mind all the issues that are discussed in the report. The report will support them to understand new trends and probable future outcomes out of those trends. Investors will be benefited by getting an insight into how companies need to be evaluated for promising future. The report will be helpful for them in avoiding futile investments. In addition to this, the report will be of tremendous support to those who are beginning to start another food-tech company.


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