B2B Enterprise: B2B Analytics and its Scope in Industry

B2B Enterprise

Predictive analytics firms largely position themselves as platform and infrastructure rather than standalone applications. Not to say that CRM, marketing automation or other app makers will buy or build predictive applications. However, predictive technologies and the data science within them are probably more complex than the functions within which they would embed. While every B2B enterprise may have to think about integrated predictive analytics, not everybody will make the same decision in the end.

Right now, many companies build standalone platforms but use cases are always tightly coupled with other products. Predictive solutions will eventually be less of a standalone platform and more of integration with products from within. This will be accelerated by companies like Amazon AWS and Google Services building (machine learning predictive) components into their developer platforms. In addition, these companies have an advantage because it’s more likely that machine learning predictive applications will be developed and tuned for specific utilization with open source libraries and techniques, commoditizing the whole space.

Marketing Analytics in B2B Enterprise:

Predictive scores are just one criterion to bring into sales intelligence and rich, descriptive profiles of ideal customers. Profile management, on the other hand, is a foundational technology that helps businesses overcome the difficult challenge of effectively managing segmentation and targeting in a data-immersed world. Sophisticated profiling can help B2B enterprises orchestrate their data by telling marketers who the ideal target profile is for a particular campaign, and then send the relevant list to the recommended engagement platform for action…unlock more

In this e-book we will explore:

  • Marketing Analytics
  • Customer Analytics
  • Increasing Growth with Segmentation
  • Sales Analytics
  • Optimization of the Selling Capability of Companies

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The e-book “B2B Analytics and Its Scope in Industry Report 2018” is a practical roadmap for the businesses and startups. This e-book provides Customer Analytics, Sales Analytics and Marketing Analytics key trends for the readers. The e-book will also help the users to list the points where to concentrate more efforts in pursuance of the priority basis.

We’ve created this e-book to guide the businesses to operate smoothly and cross all the hurdles related to the customer, sales and marketing. The e-book will help the companies and startups to reach and engage in new ways with the targeted audience.


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