What can Daaki do Amidst Millions of Health Conscious Customers


Daaki India Pvt Ltd, a Bangaluru-based a health-care startup in Premium Sports Supplement brand, founded by Amit Dabas in 2013. The startup designs; manufactures and markets custom-made supplements. It is a brand, oriented for youth in the sports nutrition industry as a game changer. The Premium Sports Supplement brand company also offering a numerous range of performance sports nutrition, including muscle gainer and protein-based workout supplements. Currently, Daaki has three types of products, such as

  • Bullet
  • Meter
  • Kasuta

“Our very first task was to create a unique identity that would resonate with the consumers and at the same time get our supplementation ideas on the table. It is a fresh way to look at the athlete’s food. Daaki has reengineered sports nutrition,” said Amit.

Originally DAAKI word is originated by the Haryanvi word ‘DAAK’ that means ‘Jump’ and ‘DAAKI’ means ‘Quick Jump’. The startup is bringing a substantial difference in the supplement design and manufacturing standards in the custom-made supplements. It is to be said that the supplement is going to help in bringing the real genius of a person, that’s how the athlete can set new records. The startup aims to be a brand in the sports nutrition industry that is connecting to athletes and fitness enthusiasts.

Daaki’s Commencement Journey:


“I got interested in supplementation in London where I bought my first protein tub. However, after three months, it didn’t lead to any kind of change in me. That’s what got my attention and I started reading and researching on a daily basis,” Amit Dabas says.

The reason behind the commencement of Daaki is much as much simple as the statement that when you can’t find it then make it and with this concept, the sports nutrition brand got its way. The founder realised that the supplements used for months didn’t work. Only a fitness enthusiast, who is highly aware, can understand the importance of supplements in his life. Shortly, the founder had realized the huge difference between the products: what could have it be and what he was actually getting.

Amit found that what the nutrition supplements were claiming on the labels was usually deceiving the innocent customers. Then the tech graduate then decided to change the status quo and moved back to India and started research. Daaki, sports nutrition brand began nutrition supplements manufacturing for athletes and individuals.

“I approached some application labs in New Delhi but was turned down by most of them. Finally, with the help of my father (VK Dabas, currently the national swimming coach for para-athletes and earlier head of the department for sports at Lakshmibai National University of Physical Education, Gwalior), I got my first test subjects,” said Amit Dabas. Further, he added, “I started to buy supplements from retail – blended them with my formulations and tested them on my subjects. It worked. The supplements started giving the desired results.”

Daaki’s Funding and Investment:

Recently, the Bengaluru-based startup in sports nutrition, Daaki raised an undisclosed amount of angel funding from Business Partner and Capvent Advisor, Rohan Agila during the start of the year 2018. The fund raised will be utilized in developing their marketing operations PAN (Presence across Nation) India as well as overseas.

“The funds raised will mainly be used in research and product development in order to give athlete nutrition beyond existing standards,” a statement passed by the company.

“A company like Daaki is an innovator in itself. Be it design, be it quality, we have a strong hunch that they will push beyond their limits to deliver the best. We are honestly looking forward to working closely with the Daaki team as they are sure to expand the supplementary platform and grow into new markets very soon,” said Rohan Agila, the investor.

Competitors of Daaki:

Daaki has a tough competition with home-based and international companies. Major international players are MuscleTech, Ultimate Nutrition, MyProtein UK, Muscle Pharm and Optimum Nutrition. The home-based competition is MuscleBlaze, Six Pack Nutrition, ESN, Probust, Nutrisattva, Amul PRO, Avvatar brand and Big Muscles.

“The products are versatile, functional, and extreme formulations with top quality ingredients designed for the pro-athlete. We have compromised on nothing when it comes to results,” said Amit Dabas.

Daaki designs the best-fit ratios with best-in-class ingredients use in the supplement for all genres athletes with the help of the best nutrition consultants, coaches and athletes across the globe. The startup uses the best ingredients from traditional geographical farmlands natural aesthetics.


Daaki’s Major Challenge in Indian Market:

There are plenty of challenges in the Indian market to make a brand successful. Marketing of the brand is not a firm solution for the startup because the dietary supplements market is highly adopted sector of the market; people are more concern about their health nowadays. As the dietary supplements market is huge so the competitors. Consumers trust a renowned brand name rather than using any new product on the market.

Here in this industry, customer analysis plays a major role in understanding consumer behaviour and requirements is the basic need of the market. The mentality of the people about the health sector is the product they are using should be renown name and the reason might be the thought might this not impact us but does not have any side effect of using the product. The consumer doesn’t require an effective product but they do require a branded one trustworthy product. Trust is the major factor for the startup to chase and it only comes with the brand name whether you’re providing a quality product or not people do not bother beyond the brand name.

Future Projection of Daaki:

In 2015, India’s dietary supplements market was worth about $2 billion in 2015 and is expected to increase two times of 2015 by 2020, according to a study by Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India (Assocham) and business consulting firm RNCOS. It is important for Daaki to increase awareness about the ingredients they used in the product as people are much aware know about their health and the products what should be consumed. Consumers are surfing and gathering knowledge with the help of internet about the product’s ingredients in this case company should spread awareness about their ingredients mixture and its impact on the consumers, this is the biggest task for the companies nowadays.

Fitness freaks are already aware of the products and their diets so letting know the people about their product’s ingredient mixture will help the company in building the trust for their brands. In India supplement for athletes do not help the company in making its name and brand. In India, the government provides proper training to the athletes and their diet and supplements also arranged by the government in this case direct launching the product to the market without any government aid wouldn’t be successful enough. In this case, the companies should contact the sport’s government and organisation for the tie-up for their product.

Likewise for other countries where they are planning to expand their business but they have to keep it in mind that it depends on country to the country behaviour of the customers for their dietary supplement market and it varies accordingly. The policies and customers are different for each country’s market, the market entry and competitors will be different so they have to work accordingly to the country. They also have to target the requirements of the supplement according to the athlete country and their body.


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