Deliveroo: New On-Demand Delivery Startup in India


Deliveroo, a London based, British online food delivery start-up founded in 2013. Currently, it is serving in 14 country’s 84 cities in the UK, Belgium, Ireland, Netherlands, France, Australia, Singapore, United Arab Emirates, Germany, Hong Kong, Spain and in Italy. Now Deliveroo is all set to enter the Indian local market. The Deliveroo start-up earns money from the restaurants by charging a commission fee and from customers too by charging a price per order.

In 2016, the founders of Deliveroo won “Best Startup Founders” award, given to technology companies as a part of “The Europas Startup Conference and Awards” and also got in controversy in the same year. The German Bar Association notified the public that these type of companies are only responsible for problems related to the quality of the food, not the restaurants.

Deliveroo Why in India Now?

Indian online food services market expected to attain $2.9 billion by 2019. Although the whole food sector is expected to reach 34% to 36% in between 2015 and 2020. The Indian food market has witnessed several changes in last few months, while some new entrants and as well as some exits. Indian market seems to be easy to set up a new business because it is a home to 1.3 billion people around and the most populated cities than any other country. Most of all, the giant investors of the world are interested to invest in Indian start-ups, such as SoftBank, Tencent, etc.

Restaurants ditch tables to turn into Deliveroo-style takeaways. Read full article here.


Market Trends/ Challenges:

Market challenges to set-up a business in India is not going to be easy for Deliveroo restaurant. To set-up, a business in India Deliveroo hired a full-fledged team to continue the process under a country head in India. Market research and a deep study are required to follow the market trend of the country according to the region. Lots of other hurdles are on the way but let’s have a look how much Deliveroo will attain the success. Well, it’s not an uphill task for the start-up to get a deep insight into the market with a huge amount of investment. But the major part will be, how they implement their market research according to the market trends assumptions.

“They are in the midst of getting on board a person who will spearhead the launch in India along with building a team. After securing new funding, expanding into new geographies was on the cards for them,” said a source

Contenders for Deliveroo:

Zomato, Swiggy, Foodpanda India know acquired by Ola, UberEATS are the tough competition for the Deliveroo. The Indian food delivery space is wholly acquired by Zomato and Swiggy. On-demand delivery startup one-by-one getting a tough competition for survival in the food market. Some of the start-ups are struggling financially and at a stage to wind-up. In this situation, it will be interesting to watch the new entry Deliveroo’s and the existing ones struggle to survive and fight, to win the number one position among.

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