Discrete Manufacturing Industry: B2B Analytics & its Scope in Industry

Discrete Manufacturing Industry

Discrete Manufacturing is the industry where distinct items are produced; it could be automobiles, furniture, toys, smartphones, and airplanes etc. The manufactured product in this discrete manufacturing industry is simply identifiable and distinct from the process manufacturing industry’s products which are not easy to identify. The Discrete Manufacturing includes electronics, computer and accessories, appliances, and other household items producer, as well as “big ticket” consumer and commercial goods like cars and airplanes inventors.

Over 80% of organizations in the aerospace and defence, automotive, high-tech, and industrial machinery and components industries indicate:

  • Big Data is critical to meet strategic objectives.
  • Sharing insights is a must-have the capability for businesses
  • Big data will amplify other technology innovations.
  • Now companies have started using big data in specific cases
  • Companies now access data and quality as major challenges
  • 62% of executives consider improved customer engagement and performance across lines of businesses as high-value capabilities.

We believe data-driven manufacturing is indeed the next wave that will drive efficient and responsive production systems. But to get beyond the hype, managers need to understand some underlying challenges and paradigm shifts…unlock more

Security Challenges:

Distributed control systems connected via the internet hold great promise for rapidly responding to changing conditions. But, of course, it exposes the systems to unauthorized access by attackers who could sabotage the system or cause system outages. The traditional cloud IT services network infrastructure that we all use for e-mail is quite mature, with systems to maintain accounts and credentials, and enforced authentication policies and rules.

Analytics in Discrete Manufacturing Industry:

In the past 20 years or so, manufacturers have been able to reduce waste and variability in their production processes and dramatically improve product quality and yield by implementing lean and Six Sigma programs. However, in certain processing environments—pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and mining, for instance—extreme swings in variability are a fact of life, sometimes even after lean techniques have been applied. Given the sheer number and complexity of production activities…unlock more

In this e-book we will explore:

  • Time-triggered to event-triggered control systems
  • A Unified Data Model: Data Sharing, Not Just Data Exchange
  • Security Challenges
  • Analytics in Discrete Manufacturing Industry
  • Three phases in Discrete Manufacturing Industry Analytics

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