Education Industry: B2B Analytics & its Scope in Industry

Education Industry

Analytics can play a vital role in the education industry by helping universities and institutes make data-oriented informed decisions. Analyzing academic, financial and operational data helps identify specific patterns and trends. This insight helps better decision making around planning budgeting and forecasting.


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Reports, Dashboards, Scorecards:

  • Tracking students’ performance across cohort, departments and courses and creating clusters based on different characteristics enables targeted strategies for specific segments of students, such as students pursuing a particular course and performing exceptionally well or average or below average students finding the course very tough. For the below average cluster, the university administration can initiate structures intervention and provide them with some special training to ensure retention and improved performance.
  • Analyzing the attendance data and focusing on students who missed the assigned course credit can help identify likely dropouts. Specific actions or retention programs for such students can have a significant impact on dropout rates.

Analyzing the trend:

  • Analyze the curriculum and instructor development effectively on a regular basis to keep up with latest trends.
  • Getting insights on how to stay competitive and maximize profits.
  • Measure spends effectiveness against the results.
  • Manage fundraising, advancement and alumni relations.
  • Linking student information with administrative data enables better capacity planning.

Survey Analytics for understanding student sentiment:

Conducting satisfaction surveys and analyzing survey data is crucial for understanding the students’ sentiments. Surveys help identify key areas of focus needed thereby enabling focused investments and action plans. Periodic surveys help track improvement in key areas of concern and thereby the effectiveness of the actions taken…unlock more

In this e-book we will explore:

  • Analyzing the trend
  • Survey Analytics for understanding student sentiment
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Marketing Analytics
  • Social Media usage by educational institutes
  • Social Media usage by students for education purpose
  • Customer (Student) analytics
  • Sales Analytics – admission analytics

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