Entertainment industry reborn by BookMyshow

Bookmyshow.com is an online portal that allows you to book tickets for movies, concerts, and events taking place anywhere in India. It was first started in South Africa around 17 years back by three Indians and now is spread across 4 countries in the world inclusive of India and over 350 plus cities. Bookmyshow.com allows you to book movie tickets from the comfort of your own house in your favorite multiplex with just a click of a button.  The BookMyShow app is said to be the largest M-commerce app in India with over 35,000 transactions every day. The makers of BookMyShow are part of the entertainment industry for more than a period of 10 years, and they have established a leadership position as a big company.

At the time when start-ups were not highly encouraged, and there were difficulties related to internet facilities, BookMyShow managed to build a strong online brand and further grew as a tech giant. Also, BookMyShow has been consistently striving to give customers a better user experience as the popularity among users in India is soaring.

BookMyShow defined success for theater groups and stage shows

The impact BookMyShow has on the entertainment industry is incredible. The Entertainment industry is hugely profited by the portal as the amount of tickets booked through this app directly reaps profits to the filmmaking companies. A large number of tickets are sold through the portal which would otherwise not be possible and this makes filmmakers and people of the entertainment industry enjoy an upper hand. The website has given a new direction of business to not only filmmakers but also tot he theaters, stage shows and different events about which earlier people were mostly unaware. Nowadays, you name any event taking place in the country, and details of it along with tickets are available on BookMyShow

BookMyShow – A successful marketing campaign for entertainment industry

Over the past couple of years, BookMyShow has managed to grow in the online market and has successfully created its own niche in the Indian online ticketing market. The company reported a first-quarter revenue of 78 Crore (Q1 2017) as compared to 60 Crore at the same time in the last year. There is straight 30% y-o-y growth in revenue for the company. Company’s growth has greatly impacted film industry due to which filmmakers are now able to sell more tickets through this as a medium. Also, filmmakers do not have to advertise or do publicity gimmicks for selling tickets as much as they did in the previous times. This task is undertaken by BookMyShow and thus filmmakers from the entertainment industry do not have to put efforts to get their tickets sold.

BookMyShow has become synonym of convenience in movie ticket booking

BookMyShow simplifies the task of booking tickets for any movie or event by just letting people book through the app. Customers across the country hugely rely on the app for any last minute bookings or even pre-bookings. Gone are the days where people had to wait in long queues to book tickets for a movie. Now, it can be done with just a click of a button. If company statistics are to believed, every month more than 10 million tickets are sold and the app has been downloaded 30 million times. The company now covers more than 3500 screens across the country and is available in more than 350 cities including tier 2 and tier 3 cities as well

Today, one can say that BookMyShow has created a positive impact on the Entertainment industry and has helped several movies enter the 100 Crore club. It has given space to several stage actors and comic actors to gain popularity. BookMyShow has given a new life to theater shows which earlier remained in the dark shadows. The hassle of promotions and efforts taken to sell tickets has been eased for the industry people.

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