FMCG Industry: B2B Analytics & its Scope in Industry

FMCG Industry

Consumer sentiment and business behaviour have always been indicative of industry trends. Studying such patterns, along with macroeconomic indicators like gross domestic product (GDP) and index of industrial production (IIP) to develop an objective and accurate a metric as possible, can help prepare India Inc.—and particularly the country’s fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) industry—to cross any bridge of economic uncertainty that might appear on the horizon. Data Analytics services for the Retail and Consumer Goods industry covers customer acquisition, loyalty and retention, customer lifetime value, customer experience, demand forecasting, inventory, supply chain and logistics management, merchandising and sourcing strategies, channel optimization, asset utilization, pricing & offer optimization, labor optimization and store profitability analysis to help organization improve customer loyalty, minimize operational costs, improve customer satisfaction and maximize profitability.

FMCG Industry Challenges:

  • Competition from e- retailers,
  • Increased technology adoption by consumers,
  • Declining sales and
  • Shrinking margins,
  • Stagnant pricing and
  • Promotion strategies and
  • Lack of store innovation and
  • A one-one customer engagement strategy to enhance the customer experience

Marketing Analytics:

Analytics Outsourcing services for the Retail and Consumer Goods (FMCG) industry help organizations use proven analytics methodologies to their marketing strategies through effective market and customer segmentation, optimizing marketing mix strategies, optimizing promotion and positioning, and cross-channel synergies, maximize response rates through multi-channel campaign effectiveness while optimizing marketing spends, improving customer experience and maximizing profitability…unlock more

In this e-book we will explore:

  • Industry Challenges
  • Benefits
  • Customer Analytics
  • Market Mix Modelling
  • Digital Marketing
  • Pricing
  • Areas of Predictive Analytics Deployment in an FMCG Company

Unlock the whole report on FMCG Industry for in-depth knowledge about this industry.

The e-book “B2B Analytics and Its Scope in Industry Report 2018” is a practical roadmap for the businesses and startups. This e-book provides Customer Analytics, Sales Analytics and Marketing Analytics key trends for the readers. The e-book will also help the users to list the points where to concentrate more efforts in pursuance of the priority basis.

We’ve created this e-book to guide the businesses to operate smoothly and cross all the hurdles related to the customer, sales and marketing. The e-book will help the companies and startups to reach and engage in new ways with the targeted audience.

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