Time to Unleash B2B Analytics & its Scope: Government Data Analytics

Government Data Analytics

Matching citizen’s expectations is quite a challenging task, in this ever-changing and dynamic environment. Considering the change, many government agencies are adopting and leveraging data analytics to make smart decisions. There is a lot of data being generated in the government sector, and it also has access to a lot of information, then private enterprises. Government sector can harness this opportunity for the betterment of its governing policies and welfare of the citizens.

Here’s how it can be useful to the government –

  • Public safety & Defense
  • Health
  • Water Management
  • Transport Management & Pollution Control
  • Finance and operations
  • Focus on the Banking Sector
  • Agriculture

Challenges in Government Data Analytics:

Mirroring the trend in business, government agencies are also incorporating analytics into more and more of their decision-making, such as evaluating outcomes in education and healthcare treatments. However, the growth of analytics in the public sector faces different challenges than in the private sector. Despite the successes the public sector has had with analytics in the past, analytics has not been integrated into most decision-making processes. In part, this may be due to the tremendous variety of tasks in many different subject areas…unlock more

Marketing and Social Media Analytics:

Continuously changing threats to the homeland and global security are increasing demands to recognize emerging trends faster, leaving more time to react and neutralize them. An area of focus is the sizing-up of emerging threats in social media, for example when it is used as a recruitment and marketing method for terrorist organizations. The problem is that as the popularity of social media continues to grow, there is an overwhelming number of accounts to analyze. Psycholinguistics can help…unlock more


In this e-book we will explore:

  • How analytics can be useful for government
  • Challenges
  • Marketing and Social Media Analytics

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