Rapidly Growing Information Technology & Its Trend in 2019

Information Technology

2018 was the biggest year for innovation in technology and the trend is expected to continue in 2019. In this rapidly changing era, there are so many opportunities in the information technology industry and so the pitfalls. The stream is full of technologies, tools, software frameworks and endless ideas. The annual prediction of the trends is out-dating so fast with the evolving trend of technology that even before publishing related blog post or article. The advancement in technology enables the change and progress accelerated, causing the expedition of the rate of change until eventually, it will become exponential.

In this 21st century, the workers of information technology will have to learn new things constantly not because of their desire but out of necessity. These careers based on technology do not change with the same speed but it needs to evolve with the role of the IT professionals which they know that it will not stay the same. To stay in the competition the information technology companies need to create cutting edge technology or the tech which can be implemented earliest. Technology is a breakthrough in one area and stimulates innovations in the other fields. All these modern technologies are inevitably affecting one another and developing hand-in-hand.

Digital World’s Growing Trend of Information Technology:

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI):

Since 1956 AI has been using widely. In recent years, Artificial Intelligence or AI has already received a lot of buzzes, but the trend keeps continuing growing because it is connected with our lives, work and play in the early stages. AI utilises in the computer systems built to perform tasks, such as decision making and recognition of speech, images or patterns; and mimic human intelligence. With the help of AIs, these tasks can be performed faster and more accurately than humans. It is used in various types of services, such as for navigation apps, ride-sharing apps, smartphone personal assistants, home personal assistants, streaming services and smart home devices. Also, in consumer use, AI used to predict maintenance, assess business risk, and improve energy efficiency, schedule trains and many other money-saving tasks.

AI is a part of the automation, which is a hot topic because of potential job loss in the industry. By 2020, Pundits predict 23 million jobs in the AI sector, such as development, programming, testing, support and maintenance, etc. Also, Artificial Intelligence architect is one such job and according to some experts, it is predicted that it will rival data scientist job soon in terms of the need for skilled professionals.

  • Machine Learning (ML):

Machine Learning or ML is utilized in programming computers to learn to do something that they are not programmed to do; from which the computer literally learn by discovering insights and patterns from data. In ML they are two types of learning that are supervised and unsupervised. ML is a subset of AI, and neural networks, natural language processing (NLP), and deep learning are the subsets of Machine Learning. In all kind of industries which is creating a huge demand for skilled professionals; ML is rapidly being deployed in those industries. By 2022, $8.81 billion growth is expected in the Machine Learning market. ML are utilized for data analytics, data mining and pattern recognition and on the consumer end, it powers real-time ads, network intrusion detection and web search results.

The subset of ML offers a great opportunity for specializing in each career field that will only grow. Machine Learning is generating countless jobs on our behalf to complete the countless tasks. The median salary for an ML engineer was $106,225, in 2017. These jobs include engineers, developers, researchers, and data scientists. ML jobs are one of the top emerging jobs on LinkedIn with almost 2,000 job listings posted.

  • 5G Proliferation:

The long wait of the 5G network is coming to the end in the coming years, testing of the networks of the new generation have been already run throughout 2018. The first 5G-ready smartphones are expected to be released soon. The launch of the 5G network is one of the among main IT trends of 2019. It will provide an impetus to the self-driving cars, Internet of Things, drone delivery, virtual and augmented reality, robotic surgery, and much more’ further development. Providing broadband download speeds over mobile networks and to provide 10x faster internet services than 4G are some new standard promises of 5G services.

  • Evolution of Blockchain:

Blockchain technology is on the top of the list of trends of 2019, it has a huge potential and also been rapidly expanding for the last few months. Most people associate blockchain with cryptocurrencies only but the technology can be consolidated with many other crypto-unrelated fields. 2019 is dedicated to the creation of the blockchain industrial image and its separation from bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. It is expected that the demand for blockchain experts will increase in the future as the convergence of blockchain with other technology, such as IoT, machine learning and fog computing will introduce in the market.

  • Fly Higher With Drones:

Drone is also on the list of latest trends of information technology which probably includes drones. The creation and usage of drones have been grown tremendously over a couple of years into an entire industry such as UAV (Unmanned Air Vehicle) or UAS (Unmanned Air Systems) industry. The growth rate of the drones is unexpected. These autonomous aircraft are extensively used in farming, accident monitoring, military surveillance, and other areas. The investment in the drone industry will soon see a greater hike in the industry as it will grow into commercial projects worldwide for delivery systems. In addition, NASA is going to manage drone traffic in the skies for this it is going to complete the Unmanned Aerial System Traffic Management (UTM).

  • Quantum Computing:

Quantum computers are real and soon going to introduce in the market and it is yet another biggest trend of Information Technology in 2019. As traditional computers are so slow and these computers are actively maturing now and going to exceed the predecessors. It is based on the phenomena of quantum mechanics which is completely a new way of transmitting and processing data. Quantum computer uses qubits based on the principle of superposition, whereas traditional computers use binary code to handle information. Somewhere, the qubit and binary code have the same two basic states, zero and one, where bit performs only one of them and qubit combines value and be in all these states at the same time. Also, quantum doesn’t require high computational capacity and large amounts of RAM. The quantum required only 100 qubits to calculate a system of 100 particles, instead of trillions of trillions of bits in the binary system.

Challenges in the Information Technology Industry:

As technology is a boon for the industry but somewhere it has proven as a sin for the industry. The security threat is something on which the tech leaders are working from several years and gearing up for next-generation, AI-driven cyber attacks. Data Protection is one of the biggest challenges for the IT industry. Organisations are designing and implementing their privacy on their own but GDPR is a road breaker somewhere for the whole process. Last year, IoT security got a lot of attention but got no change practically in the industry. The skill gap is something serious in the information technology industry. Exploring cloud-based services required more skilled professionals as it requires managing many incompatible and inconsistent security systems.

Some other challenges of the information technology industry are innovation and digital transformation, finding new revenue streams, lack of agility, outsourcing risks, business results, and tools for a digital native workforce and rebuilding trust. These are some issues which are continuously brought to the industry by departmental managers, users, customers, while they work toward providing IT solutions that best support organizational priorities. Technology is evolving so fast that the prediction is quite impossible in this scenario, everything is just unpredictable.

Information Technology and Its Benefits:

New and new businesses are created every day with more innovation in technology. With these new businesses, technology is making things easier for everyone. Taking advantage of such trends provides incredible opportunities for business owners but without proper skill and lack in the talent will lead the business to down and lag behind the competitors. Technology made possible to run business operations globally. It had made business so easy and practical for peoples that anyone sitting anywhere running his/her business from any room in their house. Communication is an important part of any business and technology has made it so easy for businesses to reach worldwide anywhere. World Wide Web is the best illustration to explain the need for information technology and its benefit.

With the help of technology, we can deliver customers improved quality at a low cost and improvise speed of the products and also it helps in serving more clients at the same time. It also enables automate numerous processes which help in increasing productivity. While maintaining the integrity of the information, technology helps to store more information easily. With this, we can easily store sensitive and confidential information in a better way without even breaching vulnerable data. Also, this information can easily and instantly be retrieved as per the need and can analyze these data for the prediction as well with studying past trends. In short, it helps in the decision-making process.

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