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HP Foundation

HP Foundation is a non-profit organisation that is working in several regions across the globe to provide a better life to underserved and underrepresented communities. The foundation helps them by learning technology and having experiences that can change their lives. All the interested HP employees may participate in the programs and help their surrounding community in making it better. HP Foundation is known for promoting education and skill development and one of its core purpose is to provide business and IT skills to start-ups, students and small business owners.

HP Foundation aspires for upgrading the access for better learning projects with high-class technology reach to the learner. From past so many years, HP Foundation is contributing word class education across many countries with the aim of skill development and better employability opportunities. The skills and training sessions are provided free of charge. Their global e-learning program has over 631,000 users globally and has helped them solving challenges related to different business issues such as marketing, operations, finance etc. and exists in seven languages with 24×7 access to it. There are in total 27 e-learning courses.

Enhancing Education Experience for More Than 100 Million People:

In the recent G20 summit, HP Foundation pledged to commit more than $20 million for the betterment education learning outcomes for the underserved communities across the world. The program will be run from 2015-25 and will be done in the field of technology, funding and supporting R&D. They will be combining three of their programs HP Life, HP World on Wheels and HP Learning Studios. In fact, HP Foundation has collaborated with several governments and policy makers to improve skilling and employment.

HP Foundation’s Contribution to Learning Initiative:

2017 Global Citizen Festival in Hamburg, Germany proved to be an event of commitment for the foundation. Several leaders of the world’s most powerful countries talked about the inequalities that are being faced by millions of people and they discussed how to promote sustainable development. In fact, education based inequalities were discussed.

HP Foundation’s pledge is a way forward for HP Foundation which has already committed to improving access to quality education for different communities. The company believes that this pledge can be helpful for several people around the globe who don’t even have basic literacy and numeracy skills and this funding can provide them with learning outcomes that can change their life.

HP Foundation’s Co-operation in Learning Programmes:

Part of HP Foundation and Microsoft’s also contributing towards reinventing classrooms. HP Learning Studios have been framed to induce the next generation for making better learning perspective. Across the world, there are selected 60 schools with fully equipped learning technology. The HP Foundation is setting a new standard of level for interesting and great curriculum programmes that are leading to better learning and experience for the students. HP Foundation is transforming the traditional learning methods into a technology-based learning. They are making continuous efforts to make learning easy that the learner will enhance his skill, creation and make his imagination far better than his capacity.

HP Learning Studio is just not a platform for a learner but for the teacher also, for making more collaboration with the learning perspective. Where teachers have the various platforms to explore, retouch and renovate the learning programs to a new level. They should begin it with new curriculum projects with innovation, passion and curiosity.

What Will HP Foundation do to Increase the Spread of This Program:

The HP Foundation has introduced lots of mode of charity for various kinds of several aids they provide to the afflicted communities. HP Foundation has combined three of its programs HP LIFE, HP World on Wheels and HP Learning Studios working on the same but still diverse areas to explore the learning technology in the world.

HP World on Wheels, operating with the aim of providing digital literacy to rural India to reach the HP Foundation’s education initiative by 2025. HP Foundation continues to proceed to personalised, learning experiences with six HP Learning Studios to the refugees of the Middle East. The studios are fully equipped with hardware, software and teacher education programmes and also for the learners. HP Learning Studios expanded to more than 60 schools in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United States and seven more countries of Europe.

Another HP Foundation’s initiative is HP LIFE (Learning Initiative for Entrepreneurs), an instate for global e-learning program, and provides core business and IT skills to startups, students and small business free of charge. HP LIFE is existing in approx in seven languages, ranging from marketing to finance and operations fundamental, 24/7 access to 27 e-learning courses.

In 2016 they completed three years of the Mashrou3i in Tunisia, a project on skill development and job creation in collaboration with USAID, UNIDO and the Italian Development Cooperation. Also started five new learning centres furnished with HP Foundation technology and HP LIFE. HP Foundation granted funds of $425,000 Romania, France, Italy and the United States to serve as disaster relief, restoration from earthquakes, flood, terrorist attack and other emergencies and as well as $250,000 for hazard readiness actions.

How will this pledge impact globally?

HP Foundation’s this pledge is trying to operate and provide their services in almost every country with the aim of to fill the gap of digital literacy and reach the maximum of technology-based learning experience, skill developmental programmes, social potential globally with a great economic growth of the people to develop their skills and employability. HP Foundation’s current commitment is definitely going to unlock doors to plentiful of chances. The HP Founders are extending the impact with (NGOs) non-governmental organisations, and with the public and private sector allies around the globe.

About HP Foundation:

The HP Foundation not only accomplishing the educational learning technology but also funding for the uncertainty and contributing to the natural calamities harm and rendering aid for such natural calamities prevention. HP Foundation is working to help the crucial segment of matter of concern on social and environmental challenges with the help of the technologies. HP Foundation plans all its technology by keeping the environment factor in its mind to make it efficient the working and living of the people according to technology.

HP Founders focussed on its specialist to resolve the social challenges, centring the need on education, entrepreneurship and health at a global level. Some of its initiates are HP Catalyst Initiative, Early Infant Diagnosis, Disease Surveillance, Global Authentication Service, ILA Trust, HP LIFE, and much more. According to HP Sustainability Policy, they are working on Human Rights, Workers Right, Corporate Ethics, World-Class Governance, Combating Corruption and so much more working on, for a better perspective outlook.

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