KivaShots: Bridging the Gap Between Millennials and Ayurveda


A Gurugram-based, an ayurvedic healthcare beverages startup KivaShots (a brand by Good Vitamin Foods Pvt. Ltd.) founded by Shalabh Gupta in August 2016 with two stores pilot. Now it has extended into 150+ stores and also now has generated its online presence over various sites, such as Amazon and also has their own website

Currently, they have product in 7 variants, such as Lemon-Honey-Cinnamon Triphala, etc. under the flagship Ayurvedic “shots”. In February 2018, KivaShots going to launch a variety of tasty ayurvedic bars and candies.

KivaShots Funding:

Recently, KivaShots has raised an undisclosed amount of funding from several wealthy individuals, are:

  • Top executives like Vineet Mitera (Chief Investment Officer, Ward Ferry private equity), and Partners at McKinsey & Company.
  • Entrepreneurs in India and Silicon Valley like Pankaj Chaddah (Co-founder, Zomato), Mohit Garg (Co-founder, MindTickle) and Amit Singal (Co-founder, Startup Buddy).
  • CEOs like Rajit Mehta (CEO, Max Healthcare) and Rajesh Sud (CEO, Max Life Insurance Pvt Ltd)

“KIVA is a very very promising brand. Ayurveda is India’s past, present and future and as world adopts more natural and organic foods and beverages, KIVA as an ayurvedic beverage brand of shots has the potential to be a leader and become a daily consumption FMCG product.”- Amit Singal, Co-founder of Startup Buddy.

KivaShots: Exploring Ayurveda

The Ayurvedic health juice space, KivaShots planning to use the funds for the expansion of its product in Mumbai and Bengaluru’s market, new product development and brand building. The company trying to make Ayurveda a convenient part of life for millennials.

The brand has gained a popular market in a very short span of time since from August 2016, when it was launched. The start-up is exploring “Ayurveda 2.0” with giving a tasty twist of Ayurveda to the modern products.

“We see immense growth potential because KIVA is not just targeting current consumers of Ayurveda, but with its innovative products, it is winning those consumers who today know about Ayurveda, but do not adopt it, making the addressable market even larger. We also see huge scope to build this into a truly global brand – Ayurveda is today where Yoga was 10 years ago!” said Shalabh Gupta.

KivaShots Rivalry with the Major Market Players:

Dabur, Patanjali, Hamdard, Zandu Pharma, Emami, the major players in the markets and are the tough competitors for KivaShots in this large Ayurveda space from several years. In this situation, it will be interesting to watch the youngest brand KivaShots among the existing ones struggle to survive and fight, to win the number one position among.

In a tough competitive market where big market players already exist with goodwill and faith, it is going to be a tough road for the KivaShots to compete with the market players. Patanjali, Baba Ramdev’s brand has already this type of shots available and people are buying in the faith and trust, in this situation the KivaShots have to make a strong strategy according to the market trend to compete with such big names of the Ayurveda market.

KIVA brings Ayurveda’s health benefits to millennials with ready-to-drink shot know more here.

KivaShots Inception and Success Journey:

In 2016, after completing various market research in the field the founder built a small team and began producing products to bridge the convenience, availability, attractiveness and most importantly by enhancing the taste of Ayurveda in the products. Currently, KivaShots has the retail of 60,000 shots per month and marketed over 5 lakh Ayurvedic shots.

KivaShots has included in one of the fastest-growing FMCG categories at 25-30% per annum with INR 40-50,000 crore market, operating various Ayurveda category. The market growth of the KivaShots is supposed to increase three-fold times of the market size by 2022 from $2.5 billion to $8 billion.

KivaShots – Targeting Millenials:

Offering Ayurvedic health juice ready-to-drink shots, the startup is aiming to target millennials through making Ayurveda easier and more interesting for them. But keeping the price factor in mind millennial targeting is easy but the point is keeping the price according to them. Earlier, Patanjali had also introduced its product Energy Bar at Rs 20 and now KivaShots also planning to introduce its ayurvedic bars and candies by February. The major factor to target the millennials is pricing which couldn’t be very low and not very much high.

Advertisement – A Game Changer for KivaShots:

The advertisement could be a game changer for the Ayurvedic health juice space KivaShots. An advertisement plays a notable role for any business to make an impression on the consumers especially now in modern days. Advertisements influence consumers to buy the product, at this time of beginning KivaShots start with advertising and describe the millennials about the original Ayurveda, as lots of other products are also available in the name of Ayurveda. Advertisements and appropriate marketing help the product and the start-up to develop its brand.

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