This Startup is Revolutionising Location-based Technology

Location-based Technology

SocialRadar, a social and location-based technology space app to connect and to interact with others nearby. It controls all social media apps (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit, Weibo, Google+, Foursquare, etc.). It provides location-based connections to the mobile users on the ground of the users’ public profile and location information. The user can share their location with the nearby friends, remaining anonymous or can go “invisible” with everyone.

SocialRadar’s headquarter in Washington, DC, is US based startup founded in April 2013 by Michael Chasen, the co-founder and former CEO of Blackboard. The company develops the app for mobile and Google Glass that provides real-time information and location insights to the nearby people and places. Users can download the mobile application of SocialRadar around the world and use it to connect, find or can show how the nearby location or person connected. The company developing harbinger technologies for smartphones, mobile, social, location space and for Google Glass that will change the techniques of connecting people.

Social Radar’s Financing and Acquisitions:

SocialRadar raised $12.8 million funding in Series A on 19 June, 2013 from Growth Tech Ventures, Inc. and New Enterprise Associates, the lead investor. It raised funding from 12 investors.

The list as follows:

Daniel Cane Series A
Dan Mindus Series A
Dave Morin Series A
Growth Tech Ventures, Inc Series A (Lead)
Jack Biddle Series A
Kevin Colleran Series A
New Enterprise Associates Series A (Lead)
NextGen Venture Partners Series A
Peter Corbett Series A
Steve Case Series A
Ted Leonsis Series A
Tom Davidson Series A


SocialRadar acquired GridSkippr on 12 November, 2014. GridSkippr is a user audience segmentation based on the places where they visited physically, nation-wide, updating daily basis. The acquisition made after a couple of months working together with the company, accurizing the location technology and working on upgrading system and reducing the battery consumption. Now the apps tracking accuracy is within few meters.

The app consumes less than 2% or 2% of an iPhone per hour, in comparison of the Apple location tracker which consumes 6 to 14%. Now the company bestowed with a new SDK for third-party developers building the app and wanted to use their location manager and consumer penetration skill. SocialRadar’s SDK offered a platform free of cost for the app developers, who were interested in the highly-accuracy based location services. So that the third-party developer intense insights of the consumers, like where they were purchasing and what kind of purchases were made.

SocialRadar’s Location-based Technology acquired by Verizon Wireless:

SocialRadar had acquired by the Verizon Wireless on 17 November, 2016. Verizon used the company’s technology in MapQuest. MapQuest is one of the biggest service providers in the online market and mobile mapping services. When Verizon Wireless acquired the company had total 6 employees, who shifted in Verizon. The acquiring amount wasn’t disclosed in the market. After launching its mapping SDK, various potential acquirers wanted to buy it. But the deal was cracked with Verizon Wireless and acquired SocialRadar. MapQuest is the information service provider of geographical location to the publishing, travel and information.

SocialRadar’s Location-based Technology Working as an Application or Technology:

SocialRadar, when introduced in the market, was an application with the aim to give high-accuracy location-based services to the user. SocialRadar was an application before acquisition but after the acquisition, the application changed into the technology. Now the company is providing its location-based technology as services to the MapQuest’s existing tool. SocialRadar’s technology operating with MapQuest mutually made a platform where the location-based specialities would be more accurate and responsive and most of all expand the reach of the app.

The company, earlier providing its two products in the market, now selling its high-accurate location-based technology. SocialRadar’s location-based technology analyses the profounded conditions of human through detecting, tracking and analyzing a state through updating of news, blogs and another mode of social media sharing app. The app was made in such contrast that if the app is not running in the background still the information tracked. It’s not necessary to have the app, it made location tracker, so you do not have to use the app necessarily for getting info tracked.

SocialRadar’s Competitors in Location-based Technology:

Its major competitors are OpenLayers, Bing, Stamen, Roadtrippers, Hopstop, Google Maps and more. All are the web-based app and mobile application too. They all help the travellers to discover road, plan and books the places, hand picked, experience from the local expert and bloggers. The consumer decides the place, amenities needed, attracted centre which is guided by these apps, what they needed is all to set a starting point and ending.

Competency of Location-based Technology:

SocialRadar is working with MapQuest, as the company is providing its location-based technology to them, after the acquisition. MapQuest is high-accuracy based location app, providing all the services needed, at your fingertip. One can easily know about all the details and deep insight related to the consumer, their rating and all the small need on the web. It provides all the nearby places for shopping, restaurants, coffee, hotels, grocery, parking, airport, gas station, electricity charging stations and more such brands, easily available. Also rating available about the place by local experts.

The location-based technology of the SocialRadar could be an auxiliary for the users and as well as for the service provider. The locator indicates about all the details and information on one click and can easily get the whole data on their hand without wasting timing by visiting there. It provides info about the road trip, one planning to go there, the basic amenities needed, a place to stay, parking and a lot of other details by local specialists view. If one is going to shopping, the desired mall and the complex according to its essential can easily decide without wasting further time on deciding the little things.

The location-based technology of SocialRadar in this techno-savvy era is such a helpful and very vital in our day-to-day life to find the things easily, without giving so much priceless waste effort, money and most valuable and precious time.

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