Transport and Logistics Industry: B2B Analytics & its Scope in Industry

Logistics Industry

Air cargo is one of the quickest modes of the logistics industry and most used ways of transporting goods from warehouse to customer, and its efficiency is crucial to the success of the global economy. More than ever, now is the time air cargo supply chains need to be nimble, as competition is fierce. To do so, cargo carriers need to make use of the technology. Using the best and most suitable technology will ensure the entire air cargo supply chain is connected, and thus adaptable and flexible. However, to truly optimize the entire process, both quality analytics and great decision-making are required. Hence, those that can dig through all the data providers and create actionable plans are going to win out in the long run.

Challenge of using analytics in Transport and Logistics Industry:

  • Data Integration: The biggest challenge with analytics in the supply chain for air cargo shipments is that data is held with a various number of enterprise software systems and external databases, making it hard to even fully view.

  • How to improve service levels and increase capacity to keep up with the demand: The impact of so-called disruptive technologies on the air freight industry. There are many examples – Uber-style competition, 100-tonne airships, drone delivery… but one that has been pointed to as truly disruptive is 3-D printing.

  • Aircraft utilization rates have started to show solid improvement, but air cargo load factors are hovering around a weak rate of 45%. Looking ahead, aircraft utilization rates will continue to be challenged by ever-increasing capacity…unlock more

Customer Analytics in Transport and Logistics Industry:

Descriptive analytics can help identify your customer base by creating a comprehensive customer profile based on relevant data including key demographics on industry, size, location, shipping history and buying patterns, etc. A specific marketing campaign can then be developed based on customer segmentation with the ability to predict customer behaviour and sales. Ultimately, a customer lifetime value can be determined based on longer projections of the amount of future business which would provide a broader view of your customer base and enable you to build stronger customer relationships resulting in potential up-sell opportunities in the transport and logistics industry…unlock more

In this e-book we will explore:

  • Challenge of using analytics
  • Customer Analytics
  • Overall Analytics

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