Microsoft Acquired Cloudyn

Microsoft Acquired Cloudyn

Microsoft confirmed that it has acquired an Israeli start-up, Cloudyn on 29th June. The amount of acquisition is between $50 million to $70 million. Sharon Wagner, Vittaly Tavor and Boris Goldberg founded the company in 2012. It has not been long ago when Microsoft acquired another Israel start-up named Hexadite- Automated Incident Response Solution (AIRSTM). Hexadite is working on identifying the AI(Artificial Intelligence) and protection against the cyber attack. Hexadite which is notably also an Israeli start-up was bought for about $100million, on 8th of June. Microsoft has been perhaps confident of Israel culture since it has acquired some more start-ups from the country in the past namely- Aorato, Adallom and Secure Islands.

Cloudyn – What it does? Importance to Microsoft from Technology Perspective

Cloudyn provides services of cloud computing and helps various industries to grow, perform and capacity of spending money in their own different way according to the specialisation. Cloud computing means storing your personal and work-related data and applications on remote servers and access them through the internet. It solves all the issue of storage and installation anywhere in any kind of computers, laptop and on a tablet or anywhere else.
Cloudyn is one of the service providers of cloud computing. Although it was founded in 2012 and raised about $20.5million from Carmel Ventures, Infosys and Russia’s Titanium. It has a large number of clients. It is working with thousands of companies like Fortune 500 leaders, Infosys, Docker, CloudStigma, GoogleCloud and more in the same field of cloud computing.

Is it important to Microsoft Existing Product

From the acquisition of Cloudyn by Microsoft, it could be helpful to Microsoft to provide ‘black and white’ working of their services on cloud computation to their customers. Microsoft and Cloudyn are partners from March 2017. Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider will get maximum support from the acquisition. The company will help in their enterprise in managing its platform on behalf of it. It is a fully developed company and is trying to give other cloud monitoring startups support. The company is also trying to give platform others too to be well versed. Now Cloudyn will work under Microsoft, which is surely going to benefit Microsoft. It can work as a Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider or as an individual for Microsoft. Surely benefit is in the favour of Microsoft as Cloudyn was providing services to thousands of clients earlier.

Why Only Cloudyn Not its Competitors

As we all know Israel is an emerging country and with so many new opportunities of the startup. Israel is the country where a large number of start-ups are growing successfully. Cloudyn is also a start-up of Israel and during a very short span of time has achieved a great success. During its five years, it has collaborated with many big leading companies of the market. Google Cloud, Infosys and many more top leading companies are also working with Cloudyn. Cloudyn has more than 1000 companies to whom they are providing services of cloud monitoring. They are providing services to Hewlett-Packard Enterprises, Info Media, OutSmart, M9, Dome9 and more. The primary reason is to strengthen Microsoft’s Azure cloud which is having tough competitions from other cloud service provider like Amazon web services, Oracle and Alphabet’s Google.

 What to expect from Microsoft?

The customers of Microsoft expect the quality in terms of their cloud computing and services, as their expectations definitely raise. Cloudyn could be an addition to Microsoft’s customers that how Cloudyn add value and their services will work in the cloud. Now it will become a process of a mixture of both which is going to help the customers and as well helpful for them also in future growth in terms of technology and financial both.

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