PoPxo.com: Capturing Opportunities from Online Women

PoPxo.com: Capturing Opportunities from Online Women

It would have scared anybody to risk starting a blog website only for women but not for Priyanka Gill and Namrata Bostrom. Not only this put constraint on the number of readers but the content could have also raised several ethical questions among the readers. However, the portal proved to be one of the most popular blogs read by women across the world. It’s true that a few years back, all the women related articles were mainly available in the form of magazines and not all women were willing to buy them every month. PoPxo.com changed the whole culture where they created an online magazine like the blog for women’s which can be accessed anywhere and at any time. The Alexa ranking state that the website has approximately 3.5 billion users with 110,000 visitors on the website every day. Also, Google Trend shows a promising upward trend for the company with maximum users in the cities of Gurgaon, Noida, New Delhi, Mumbai and Indore.

So, Why and How PoPxo.com Started?

The co-founder Priyanka Gill belongs to Delhi and is now settled in London, UK. PoPxo was born as eStylista in 2006 when in a very short span of time, it became quite famous. It grew out with lessons and tips into PoPxo. Priyanka Gill, on one hand, has a flair for fashion while Namrata Bostrom, co-founder has an appetite for management and marketing. The team of these two strong ladies led to step by step maturity of PoPxo and making it a common name among urban Indian girls and women. PoPxo has an amazing pool of simple yet attractive articles, videos and how-to-do blogs. The content is curated considering the inclination of readership and no segment of women is left behind.

PoPxo.com’s Work and Plans:

Currently, PoPxo has a team of more than 50 people which started with a set of 10 young girls. It is safe to say that PoPxo is a community for women to post and share their thoughts without any hesitation and judgements, to put up their questions and get answers, and to know about several things which are mostly related to girls only. PoPxo is an inspiration for South-Asian women either be it fashion, food, culture, beauty, health, philanthropy or even the latest trends. The list is everlasting.

PoPxo is one of the fastest growing sites in India. PoPxo recently claimed that it has nine million monthly page views and in which three million are unique visitors. Currently, PoPxo has access over three cities; London, New Delhi and Mumbai. The site has itself a unique theory to work upon uniqueness and is very loyal and genuine to their audience. PoPxo tries to reach their audience by covering all essentials and very elementary stuff. Any girl and women can easily relate to each and every content provided on the site.

They have all in one site either it is reading the section, video section, shopping section or a chat section. The layout is very quick and attractive. All the concepts revolve around the basic need and curricular activities of girls and women like makeup tutorial, cooking, shopping challenges, and giving tip about what to wear to a party, wedding, and the beauty product usages. Getting the latest tips on the current trend, fashion hack and solving day to day situations or what not, everything is wrap-up in a single packet. PoPxo is the new wave and a hope for the Indian girls and women.

PoPxo.com Strategy and Funding:

As explained hitherto, PoPxo’s strategy is clear from the beginning- “Reach out to maximum urban girls and women aged 15-35 years through the medium that they use the most”.

Their product is content and they have distributed it towards different channels- desktop, mobile app and social media channels. PoPxo connects women to different brands and in the way also monetizes the reach. Their major income source is advertisement and promotions. As per their own claims, they have now more than 1.5million loyal readers per month.

For generating revenue PoPxo remains on domestic advertising and sponsorship program. At present they have the tie-up with various brands like Whisper, TrulyMadly, Vero Moda, TIGI BedHead, Wills Lifestyle, Caratlane, Westside, Chumbak,  Motorola, Tanishq, Van Heusen, Myntra, Swarovski and Lakme. They have also tied-up with prominent bloggers to generate an immense level of engagement and social media.

Let’s take a look at their entire benchmark, according to PoPxo.com they have 1050 original content producer, 1.3 billion monthly content impressions, 141 million monthly content engagements, 100 million video views and 8 million new users post engagement. The number looks quite promising and are sure to take it to another upward ride.


PoPxo has observed 4 rounds of funding till now in which 16 investors are involved and the latest funding took place in April 2017 with an amount of $3.1M (Series B). the funding was led by IDG Ventures India and Kalaari Capital with a participation from GREE Ventures Japan, the Philippines based Summit Media, Gurpreet Singh and Atul Goyal. This new investment is expected to support its operations, technology and readers’reach.

PoPxo.com’s Competitors:

Since the past few years, a women-driven content platform has gained tremendous growth. In the Indian market, some women centric internet based portals are- SheThePeople, MissMalini and Femina. To compete in the competition, PoPxo.com has also launched Hindi content as they discovered that the content categories are moving parallelly in India and they have readers for both Hindi and English. The editors are doing a great job preparing the stories and information and catering it to the audience. But the watchable part of the competition is who’s gonna give the flip, it’s a social media content platform, a tough competition between the content and ranking. And the interesting part is the audience gets the best among their race.

Future Goals & Expectations:

PoPxo is all set to take off so high and set a new count. PoPxo has introduced Plixxo, an influencer marketing app. It has been assumed that the Plixxo might be a game changer not for only the influencer community but for brands also. Their object is to set all the profiles and stats in one place. It is also a tool for the business generation where they can select brand campaigns and also get paid.

Plixxo is a platform for both female and as well for male also combining Bloggers, YouTubers, Instagram and Twitter covering all like fashion, beauty, travel, food, tech, decor and more. It aims to reach 10000 influencers in next 6 months. It will engage the community in a structure, apparent manner assuring the brand campaign hook its ROI aim.

The journey of PoPxo and Plixxo will lead both to the next level. India is going to be witnessed the real trend of two strong social media powerhouse coming together on a single platform.

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