Ridlr – Most promising transport app in India

In country like India where population is more than 1.37 Million, what could be better to make a smooth shuttle of people every day? Ridlr tells you the time of next bus, train or metro from your place to your destination place. Ridlr plans your journey even using multiple modes of transport. One can even use the app without internet connection once timetable is downloaded. Ridlr raised the funding of $6 Million by Times Internet, InnoVen Capital, Matrix Partners India and Qualcomm Ventures. Enterprise is the official partner of Reliance Mumbai Metro and NMMT. The services are currently available in 24 Indian cities with 4/5 rating based on 10,569 votes.

Ridlr – country’s leading transport app

Ridlr is the leading local transport app in India. Mumbai is the major marketplace for the company. Furthermore, company covers all 8 Tier-I cities and many Tier-II cities. Ridlr app has overall usage rank of 280110 which is a quite good. The company will use the funding for betterment of the user base and public transport ticketing. MMRC, NMMT are some of the partnered agencies to make the database stronger. Mumbai is currently the best city for Ridlr with many tech-savvy users. Ridlr is currently targeting only tech-savvy people to make their daily commute cashless and hassle free.

Ridlr has a strong base in Mumbai with 11.5 Million daily travellers. Maharashtra government is also planning to implement odd-even rule in Mumbai as in Delhi and tests are going on. The app will be quite helpful as a single application covers all modes of public transport in almost all the major parts of the country. The company also ensures the safety of users. “Hop on” feature is available to tell your friends or family members when you board any public transport. All the recent information about traffic and public transportation in the city are available.

Future Scope

There is a large marketplace for Ridlr in India. India has a great public transport in all the major developed cities. Bangalore and Delhi are the next good market for the company after Mumbai. Kolkata could be a great marketplace as Kolkata has an amazing public transportation in the country. Partnership with government agencies could help to raise the business in short period of time. Just little more on online marketing and advertising in public transport could result in further increasing the user base and to elevate the business.


Source: similarweb, NDTV

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