Riversand Technologies: A New Innovation in Master Data Management

Riversand Technologies

Riversand Technologies, a Houston, Texas-based startup was founded in 2001 owned by Upen Varanasi and Anil Kini, two Indian-American IITians. It is a Master Data Management (MDM) and Product Information Management (PMI) platform providing services to various industries at global level from a startup to big large scale industry. Riversand Technologies offers an integrated, sustainable MDM multi-domain platform gaugeable with multiple services to increase sales, enhance operational perfection and stimulating time to time according to market. With this Riversand also engaged in redressing Data Onboarding (Vendor Portal), Digital Asset Management (MAM), Print Publishing, Data Syndication (GDSN, eCommerce, Marketplaces), CapEx Project Spare Parts Management, etc.

The startup is providing solutions to the global industries in advancing to introduce new outputs quickly in the market and making the better experience to their customers’ in Healthcare, Food Services, Energy, Distribution, Retail and Manufacturing. Other specialities provided by the company are Master Data Management (MDM), Product Information Management (PIM), Data Quality, Multi Domain MDM, Data Governance, Customer Data Management, Vendor Master, Vendor Portal, Digital Asset Management, Media Asset Management, Print Publishing, and Material Master. The company has its office in Bangalore (India), London (UK), Stuttgart (Germany), Switzerland and Sydney (Australia) other than its headquarter in Houston (Texas).

Riversand Technologies’ Existence in the Financial Market:

A US start-up owned by two Indian-American raised $35 million funding to extend its reach worldwide, including in India, in Series A funding. The funding round accompanied by Crestline Investors. Will Palmer of Crestline decided to join the Board of Directors unit of Riversand Technologies with this funding. The company aims to utilize the funds in expanding its reach in the global augmentation and additional investment in its MDM (Master Data Mangement) platform. The startup has a marvellous track record, a significant one in its growth, increasing revenue by more than 25% Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) in past six years. The past 12 months track record according to Owler.

“Riversand has a strong brand presence across multiple industries, data domains, and geographies. With their MDM 2.0 platform, Riversand has now created a name in the industry for being an innovative MDM solution provider with the most disruptive vision and unique strategy,” said Will Palmer, Director at Crestline.

The startup Riversand Technologies stated its inclination clearly that the company is going to use the fund to extend the company’s foundation, maximising the target of expanding the reach at the global platform. The next task assigned by the company is to enter new markets by sales, marketing and through product innovation and various other methods too, they planning.

“We are looking for passionate software creators and disruptive thinkers in the Big data, ML and AI technology space to join our innovation hub in Riversand’s Bengaluru office,” said Upen Varanasi.

Accomplishments in the Reign of Riversand Technologies’ Expansion:

Riversand Technologies was established in 2001 in Houston, concentrating only on consulting and later on soon it adopted the product introduction and delivered its very first product in the field of Master Data Management (MDM) solution, a 100% web-based. Riversand achieved success in manufacturing and energy industry and a few years later launched a domain-specific Spare Parts Management Solution (SPMS). SPMS was a great success for the company which is accepted worldwide extensively till date.

After this, the success story started, in 2005, the company expand its range to North America focussing on the retail, CPG, and distribution industries and easily entered into the market. The company made Product Information Management its passkey solution and started focussing on it. Now the company set its aim huge to develop its geographical reach in Europe too.

This time the major targeted industry was pharma and life sciences, media and entertainment, and food services to enter in. Opened several of its offices in India and Europe with aim of expanding its engineering and services team, to support local customers at various industry platform.

Between 2009 to 2014, the period made history of success in the books of Riversand Technologies, they saw a huge rapid growth, an outcome of their hard work and innovation toward various industries. In the sector of MDM (Master Data Management) industry became an “innovative leader”.

Riversand Technologie’s Opponent in the Market:

Riversand Technologies is the startup with a rapid growth in the Master Data Management (MDM) industry. The startup maintained its market offering solutions through both from premises and through clouding management. In the same domain, other startups working other than Riversands’ comprise Optimove, Skwid, Infinite Analytics, Profisee, Reltio, Lansa, Fresche Legacy, Orchestra Networks, Profound Logic, Neo Technology, etc. Indian companies include Wipro, Capgemini, etc.

Riversand Technologies’s  Continuos Effort to Lead the Market:

The startup is in a continuous process of enhancing innovation and its global business growth. Mainly focusing on providing Trust, Relevancy and Insight of data with innovation. Riversand Technologies always proposed to move on the path of innovation with next-generation Master Data Management and Product Information Management solutions. It is a B2B service providing to make able its consumers in their significant growth with its Data Management Solutions with plenty of advanced technology.

In the beginning of the year, the first Indian Retail customer, ShoppersStop deal was its biggest move to make its position in India as well. The startup is a substructure of entrepreneur leaders with ample of passion toward their work with a data-centric strategy. The startup is always a model of innovation and next generation process in rendering the Relevance & Insights with the help of cloud.

“We are excited to partner with investment management firm, Crestline Investors, for expanding globally. With our Master Data Management (MDM) 2.0 vision, we are bringing together relevance, trust and insights to our customers in an era of cloud, high scale and data discovery,” said Upen Varanasi.

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