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Facebook has become an everyday activity for thousands of millions of people worldwide. Facebook is the most popular social media with nearly 28B monthly users in 2016. In addition, ranked Facebook number 1 based on the traffic on the website. United States, Brazil and United Kingdom are major marketplace for Facebook with maximum number of users. Latin America and North America has the maximum number of Facebook users in the world followed by Western Europe, Middle East and Africa, Central & Eastern Europe and Asia Pacific. Furthermore, 63% of Latin America and 60% of North America population use Facebook at least once a month.

Social media revenue source:

Global revenue for Facebook has grown many-fold in last 5 years. Facebook revenue was 17.9B USD in 2015. It is expected that the revenue will reach 139B USD in 2020. Revenue is growing by 51% year to year. Major source of revenue for social media website is advertisement and payments & other fees. Payments and other fees comprises of the payment done on Facebook platform for promoting the event, promoting the posts and Facebook gifts. But payments & other fees contribute much less than the revenue from Advertisements. Advertisement contribute around 90% of revenue for Facebook. However around 15% of revenue from advertisement comes from Asia-Pacific region. Companies pay for advertisements on Facebook based on number of clicks or number of impressions delivered. Revenue from the advertisements are also growing at a rapid pace with 50-65% growth year-to-year.

Who are using Facebook actively?

30-44 year of age people who are often highly active on Facebook, 26% of users hardly post anything, 8% users post every day and 29% users posts once a week.

Around 37% of Facebook users hardly post any post, picture or video on Facebook. Likewise 36% of males and 38% of females hardly post anything. 46% of Facebook users over age of 65 years hardly post anything.

Facebook users



Facebook monthly active users are those who logged in their Facebook profile at least once in last 30Days from the day of measurement. Facebook is becoming popular day-by-day and users are increasing rapidly in social media marketplace. There were 6067 million monthly Facebook users in 2015. The year 2020 is expecting a rise in Facebook users by 139%. There is around 14% rise in number of monthly users year-to-year. But year 2017 is expecting growth of 33% monthly active Facebook users. Eventually, rise in Facebook users made many companies to use Facebook as a platform to reach to the wide audience and to be interactive with company supporters/ followers beyond borders. Coca-Cola with 97.53 million likes followed by YouTube and Red Bull are highly active with their followers through Facebook.


Eventually, Facebook is connecting the world using internet. Facebook changed the lifestyle of people. Facebook connects the worldwide population under a single platform. Many organization started using Facebook to connect with employees and co-workers. Even Facebook gave an idea to many organizations to connect with their competitors and other organizations in their marketplace to see their activities and newsfeed.




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