Telecommunication Industry: B2B Analytics and its Scope in Industry

Telecommunication Industry

Network analytics services can be an important tool for communications service providers (CSPs) as they work to deal with the global marketplace dynamic of convergence, in which digital networks and other technology developments are accelerating the blurring of industry lines and expanding the ranks of their competitors. The resulting challenges include increasing data traffic, decreasing revenue per user and users growing expectations for service quality. In the new world of convergence, major investments will be required, both to introduce the enabling technologies needed to manage network expansion and control, and to improve CSPs capabilities to appropriately manage service quality of the telecommunication industry.

Customer Analytics in Telecommunication Industry:

Customer Insight for Communication Service Providers is an advanced application that converts unfiltered network data into defined and usable customer data. The refined data helps accelerate returns with unique and customer-specific use cases for NPS & churn, customer profiling and customer engagement.

  • Minimize subscriber Churn
  • Improve Customer Satisfaction
  • Increase marketing revenue

Sales Analytics:

Predictive analytics and data mining solutions are designed to help sales and marketing professionals in the telecommunication industry discover data-driven patterns, customer segments and relationships in their data that impact their activations, ARPU and other key performance indicators (KPIs). Predictive analytics can help telcos predict the impact of their marketing and sales strategies— from store location to handset promotion, to customer segmentation, to offer to bundle, and act on customer insights…unlock more

In this e-book we will explore:

  • Customer Analytics
  • Marketing Analytics
  • Outputs of the Marketing Analytics Engine in Telecommunication Industry
  • Sales Analytics

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The e-book “B2B Analytics and Its Scope in Industry Report 2018” is a practical roadmap for the businesses and startups. This e-book provides Customer Analytics, Sales Analytics and Marketing Analytics key trends for the readers. The e-book will also help the users to list the points where to concentrate more efforts in pursuance of the priority basis.

We’ve created this e-book to guide the businesses to operate smoothly and cross all the hurdles related to the customer, sales and marketing. The e-book will help the companies and startups to reach and engage in new ways with the targeted audience.

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