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Swiss-based augmented reality technology provider startup WayRay founded in 2012 by Vitaly Ponomarev. The startup develops holographic navigation systems and solutions to advance the connected cars using augmented reality (AR) technology. The startup is based in Zurich, Switzerland and has additional offices in Moscow, Russia; San Francisco, California and China.

WayRay has also introduced its unique approach to in-car heads-up display solutions. For the very first time, the startup has introduced its NAVION aftermarket solution to the public with its other product holographic AR in-windshield, which is specially designed for OEMs and is available for anyone to try.

Navion, an augmented reality car navigation system, a product of WayRay is used to see directions, route overview and trip details and also it applies aeronautical principles to land navigation. Another product of the startup is ELEMENT, a holographic car navigator that uses AR technologies on the road.

ELEMENT offers connected car solutions by applying aerospace technology to land navigation. WayRay and OEM are already discussing to incorporate the technology of WayRay into windscreens for future vehicles, including Honda, China’s SAIC and other manufacturers. The startup is also planning to export its aftermarket solution to other countries later this year.

To date, WayRay has a total of 6 rounds of funding of €94.92 million from 3 investors. Sep 18, 2018, was its latest funding from C round:




No. Of Investors



Sep 18, 2018

Series C


€70.31 Million


Mar 14, 2017

Series B


€15.82 Million

Alibaba Group

Jun 1, 2016

Series A

€8.79 Million



  • Alibaba Group
  • China Merchants Capital
  • Porsche
  • Hyundai Motor Company
  • JVC Kenwood Corp.

The market for the automotive industry head-up displays and was estimated to be worth €492 million in 2017 and is estimated to grow over €880 million by 2023. The world’s first Holographic Augmented Reality (AR) Navigation System equipped in the Genesis G80 has unveiled at CES 2019 by Hyundai Motor Group in collaboration with WayRay.

During the whole event, CES 2019 in Las Vegas, WayRay come with a big bang in the automotive industry and showcased; Holographic AR Display built into the Genesis G80, 180° holographic AR experience, created inside a cockpit for land, air, and water transportation and True AR SDK, its development platform for creating AR apps for cars.

“As the automotive market is undergoing a profound AR technology-driven transformation, major automakers are quickly adopting AR solutions to find another competitive edge. I believe the strong partnership with Hyundai will help us scale up our deep-tech innovation to build customer-centric solutions at a meaningful scale and make driving more comfortable and safe for everyone”, said Vitaly Ponomarev, CEO of WayRay.

During the CES event, more than 1,500 people experienced WayRay’s Holographic AR solution in the cockpit. More than 200 people saw the working system in action behind the wheel of the Genesis G80 and over 100 AR enthusiasts joined in on the SDK intro sessions and live demos of WayRay AG.

The startup has the potential to improve safety with its in-car AR by allowing the driver to keep their eyes on the road instead of on a sat-nav or phone screen, which we would’ve read in the feedback. The startup is also paying heed on increasing the comfort level and driver’s convenience. The startup is working on the AR data directly onto the car windshield, which will proffer accurate navigation, right-of-way information, lane identification, and hazard detection.

“As a deep-tech company, we are committed to creating fundamental innovations that bring us far beyond holographic Augmented Reality displays and new interfaces. A growing number of projects with carmakers and strong investors like Porsche are fueling the company’s growth and boosting our confidence in implementing complex innovations”, said Vitaly Ponomarev.

The technology of the startup is pretty sleek as the data will expand to the whole windshield instead of assigning data to a small corner of the windshield, like in current HUDs, its overlaying three-dimensional animation onto whatever the driver sees ahead. Also, it will help in teaching the aspiring drivers that how to follow specific racing lines or it could further enhance current in-car navigation systems.

The major competitors of WayRay are Mishor 3D, Continental, Panasonic, CamOnRoad, Blue Vision Labs, DigiLens, Envisics and Vuzix. Mishor 3D, Continental, Envisics and Panasonic are the top competitors in the race of automotive AR technology in the connected car segment. But Wayray has claimed a pole position in the industry after winning a grand prize from the startup competition at the 2017 AutoMobility LA trade show among all its adversaries for its Navion aftermarket AR product.

“The broad adoption of autonomous vehicles will spark a massive variety of AR applications to blend the virtual and real-world environment through holographic AR displays. We aim to create a platform — like an app store with bespoke content for drivers-turned-passengers — that will transform the automotive value chain, create new business models, and reshape the whole mobility paradigm,” said Vitaly Ponomarev.

AR technology has endless possibilities and its application to the world of automobiles, such as it can provide traffic information, which will display on the road through the windshield that will help drivers on concentrating on the road ahead, which help in improving road safety. Also, it will improvise driving directions based on the car’s speed, including pedestrians, roads, warning signs and real-time information about crosswalks.

The startup is just seven years old now but it has quickly positioned itself as the leading holographic AR technology startup in the world. Many companies are giving head-to-head competition to gain the lead and serve a couple of different purposes too, such as providing additional information and entertainment to passengers and providing assistance to drivers of vehicles.

Pic Credit: WayRay Twitter

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