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It’s not a normal chat its an “Edu-view” Exclusive Interview with lots of successful persons who made their own way. We are taking you to the depth of the industry with some of the successful entrepreneurs, who are going to share the most vulnerable Edu-view and instances that they had faced during their struggle and teach how to cope up with this easily.


“I don’t have a deadline. I have a Lifeline (a personal line), make your own dashes that ultimately make your lifeline. Start now!”One of the quotes of Amishi Mehta, which describes a lot more about her. Her vivacity toward life, her work, passion and a zeal to help others in achieving their life goals. A motivational speaker, Entrepreneur, Strategic Business Advisor, Coach, Consultant, Author, and most of all a pure heart, who always wants to share her experience by enlightening everyone with the written and the spoken word.


Here we are with, Ms Amishi Mehta, founder of a Not-For-Profit organisation named CTE (Connect Transform Empower) Foundation. She has 15 years of work experience as Entrepreneur, an Independent – Strategic Business Advisor, Coach, Consultant to a few companies and Speaker and  Author too. She has a great taste in business with a vast knowledge and runs successful business events and meetings to achieve business success for business owners at various levels from the City, Country and the world. She always wanted to be an inspiration to most of us and always enthusiastic to add value to someone’s life and make it easier for people to do business, find business, and know about business and to provide a solution to the Business World with these dilemmas.


Ms Amishi Mehta founder of CTE Foundation, also an Independent – Strategic Business Advisor, Coach, Consultant to a few selected companies where she helps companies in scaling their business in the right way which she calls it Net Worth with Amishi. She also holds training and workshops for Corporates and Entrepreneurs alike. She is a motivational speaker, who has been invited by various colleges to motivate the youth and enlighting the path of youth toward success.


“Everyone can love their family; to love the world with its colours, with its imperfections, with its conditions is when you experience true and liberating love” a quote by Amishi Mehta.

Let’s start with an exclusive interaction with the founder of CTE Foundation, a not-for-profit organisation, Ms Amishi Mehta spoke about the potential of any business and how she started her own business.


Q. How did you start CTE Foundation? What was your idea behind it?

When I saw most businesses struggle with; making the right connections, getting consistent business, finding the right mentoring or coaching for their journey from Startup to IPO, having the correct information which is required at a nascent stage in business or even after decades to stay abreast with the current trends this inspired me to start CTE Foundation which provides a platform; a safe haven that provides all this and more to Entrepreneurs, Corporates, MSMES, Start-ups, Professionals and to seasoned business owners alike.

CTE is formed to promote Entrepreneurship also join hands in supporting and promoting government initiatives like Start-up India, Skills India and mainly to make a difference by enriching lives through Self-Empowerment, Fight Against Depression, Empowerment, Clean India and Improve Environment and much more cause for concern in the world and for the future generations.


Q. As per your experience with CTE Foundation, what are the major struggle points for start-up founders in today’s time?

She explains the major factors for start-up entrepreneurs or point of concerns were:

  • Finding the right connections
  • Marketing the Brand the right way
  • The turn-around time from starting the business to the actual realisation
  • Sustainability
  • Scaling it correctly
  • Acess to the right information
  • Funding (finding an investor)
  • Achieving consistent growth


We ‘The People’ think we can control our lives and just when we believe we can, life gives us a reality check! says Amishi Mehta.

So better than controlling your life, start living it, is the biggest change required in the development of youth. Rather than running towards a big dream without a layout and design, start planning it and be focused towards your dream and start mapping.

Disagree to Agree


Q. Is starting a new business and making it a success difficult today as compared to 5 years back?

There is no right or wrong time to start a business, having said that there’s never been a better time to start a business when our country’s economy is growing stronger by the day. Starting a business needs courage and making it successful even more. We are getting other countries also excited about working with us.

She added further, that the government is taking necessary steps to simplify business processes. Tax reforms such as GST though a learning curve for most businesses will help cut down documentation and eradicate levying of multiple taxes. There is no guarantee that a business will be successful, but a sure short way to fail is to give up!


Q. What are your views about youth entering into the start-up community?

The younger generation should definitely enter the start-up space and shouldn’t expect quick results. New ideas and innovations will breadth new life into business and will help build the economy from strength to strength. The Youth brings in economic dynamism by spurting competition and innovation. The government also extending its support in promoting Entrepreneurship by introducing various initiatives like “Start-up India” and “Skills India”.

“When you start to see beyond yourself; in business & in life, is when you will succeed!, said Amishi Mehta”.


Q. What do you think is the impact of start-ups on Indian economy?

Start-ups may be small but can play a significant role in economic growth. In a developing country like ours the more the needs, the greater the opportunity. Having more Start-ups creates more jobs, which translates to a better economy.


Q. How can business coaching be important for an experienced businessman?

Business Coaching is necessary at every stage of business. Even a seasoned businessman needs guidance and direction from time to time as no challenge in business is the same. Business Coaching helps you to get from where you are to where you want to be. Acts as an inspiration in stagnation and makes you accountable. Last but not the least business coaching pushes you farther than you can see.


Hope some guidance and motivation we delivered to our youth entrepreneurs. We wish a great life journey and a huge success ahead to the CTE Foundation and Ms Amishi Mehta.

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Stay tuned and keep updated with us for more such Edu-view on Education Industry and exclusive interviews of Edupreneurs.

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