Market Shots – India and Israel Co-Creation Summit

India and Israel Co-Creation Summit

India and Israel are the emerging countries of the world in the start-up hub beating Silicon Valley. India ranks at 3rd largest start-up base in the world after US and UK, and Israel ranks at 6th. Both the countries trying to bridge the missing innovation gap, technology advancement of different creative niches, all putting together to bring the best innovative idea to support the two-way link between India and Israel.

Countries Start-up Potential:

Both the Governments are very well aware of their Indian and Israeli start-ups reach and potential. So they simply decide to give a little spark to the innovators by combining both the countries start-up ideas together to come up with the innovative ideas to solve the problem. Earlier than this, the world knows the most powerful start-up represented by the countries in almost every area in technology, e-commerce, broadcasting, social network, game development, etc. and what not.

‘India, Israel have different work styles, but combination is potent for startups’ read full article here.

India and Israel Focused on:

The two nations want to develop with the bilateral co-operation between the two countries corporations, tech hubs, startups and other essential innovative eco-system players. The utmost purpose of the Co-Creation Summit is not only to promote startups but also the advancement of technology between both the countries to access a huge market and corporate targeting the socio-economic situation of India and Israel. Through the India and Israel move, the start-up of both the countries got a better platform with lots of new opportunities to grow in the international market with the support of the government’s facilitate collaboration scheme.

Expected Outcome for India and Israel:

Nothing is better than this for the start-ups to grow fastidious with the guidance of comprehensive leadership, management and operational opportunities also with decent finance support. Both the Indian and Israeli government expected developing strategies to the most common problems worldwide, such as agriculture, water and digital health.

Agriculture: In this, the major concentrated challenges are improving agriculture productivity, overcoming the post-harvest loss, enhancing market liaison and most of the entire farmer’s earning increment.

Digital Health: Solution to the major problems related health management issues, such as low-cost diagnostics and NCDs (Non-Communicable Diseases) in rural areas.

Water: Wastewater treatment the major concern part in the area of water technology and other issues related to attention in water are producing portable drinking water, desalination, recycling or purifying large water source at a point of use of time.


We published India and Israel’s story last year to compare both the articles issued this year or last year: India and Israel’s Fusion: A Step Towards Innovation click here.


“Both countries’ innate strengths complement each other. India can help Israeli startups scale and can serve as a testbed for Israel’s tech innovation. Through collaboration, the two countries can co-develop cost-effective products and solutions that score major successes in markets around the globe,” according to the report released during Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Israel. 


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