Singapore’s Changing Tendency Towards the Recreation Industry

Recreation Industry

Singapore is now the healthiest country, comparing the current status of the country to the preceding decade. Singaporeans are the most active in the world in participating in sport and exercise more regularly and more actively. A study revealed that a steady rise has been noticed in Singapore, people are now more engaging in physical activity at least once a week over the last decade. While on the other hand, modern life complicates the daily routine of the people as everyone is busy with their work life. People have very less time to take care of them and their loved ones in Singapore as the work life of Singaporean is very hectic to spend time over the things that can help them in rejuvenating. But now people are paying heed towards their health and engaging themselves in recreation activities, taking time out from their busy lives.

Recreation activities are proposed as a therapy for the peoples that provides mental, emotional and physical well-being to the mind and body. Some of such activities include writing, art, yoga, attending restaurants, trips to amusement parks, the list is nevertheless going on and other latest forms, such as adventure tourism, motorsports and extreme events, in which bungee jumping, skies diving and underwater diving in deep seas have emerged in this realm as well. The recreational industry attracting travel and leisure industry in Singapore, people are planning their trip to the island from various places. In 2018, the recreation and personal services industry saw revenue decline by 2.8% year on year, after growing by 10.5% in 2017.

Singapore: Recreation Hub in Asia:

Singapore is a centre for leisure and recreation activities in Asia. Singapore provides a wide range of such activities and spaces facility for the public to meet the needs of an active population. Leisure and recreation activities in natural areas, ecological corridors, parks, and gardens have always been fun and pride for Singaporeans. Beautiful waterways and their adjoining linear parks are the beautiful part of the residential estates and commercial districts. Along with the cultural festivals and sporting events, the island is upgraded with the sporting, cultural, and recreational facilities and better connections are planned so that these spaces can be utilised best and make more accessible.

Singapore is well known as a business hub, also it offers a huge variety of recreational activities and entertainment centres in the country for the public. People can enjoy these leisure and recreation activities to enhance their quality of life. Government is initiating to make Singapore, a hub for the leisure and recreational activities and is actively promoting sports and recreation activities in the country. In the 1950s and 1960s, horseback trail riding, skiing, snowmobiling and taking a day hike were some of the popular choices for the people to deal with the physical, emotional and mental stress. Such above-stated activities are still enjoyed but people have been leaning toward less vigorous physical activities since that time now.

Indulging Physical Activity into Leisure and Recreation Activities:

Incorporating physical activity into leisure and recreation activities is an ideal way to stay fit and add more exercise into your schedule. This is what actually Singaporean people are including in their daily routine to stay fit and as well as to address mental wellness. The Singaporean government is facilitating the public by promoting various sports in the country, such as gyms, swimming pools, and soccer fields, are managed by the Singapore Sports Council. The Singapore Sports Council (SSC) is striving to make Singapore a popular destination for athletic tournaments and competitions and aiming to convert the island into the centre of sports in Asia. With this, the government is just not aiming to be a hub and have a positive effect on the economy but also regime the fitness of the Singaporeans by benefitting them from top-notch sporting facilities and outreach programs.

People in Singapore are well aware of their health and initiating essential steps to stay fit mentally and physically. Singaporean peoples are focussing on reducing isolation, decreasing depression and mentally pressure through recreational activities. In Singapore, you will always find something to do whether you choose to work out at a public gym or at a private facility to practice sports. Also, offices are providing such leisure and recreation activities in the working space to help their employees in dealing with their stress and tiredness. According to a study, it has been proven that those people who involved in the leisure and recreational activity are more satisfied than those who do not indulge in any activity.


SAFRA was founded in 1972 with a goal to aid the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) enhance camaraderie and boost morale among National Servicemen. Since then, it has built a network of clubs located at Jurong, Mount Faber, Punggol, Tampines, Toa Payoh and Yishun. SAFRA is a go-to destination for all social, recreational, sports and educational facilities for National Servicemen and their families. In addition to clubs, they offer a host of activities, value-added services and membership perks that meet the lifestyle needs of the community of more than 350,000 SAFRA members.

Zombie Tag:

Zombie Tag organizes team building games for large groups, such as office building, university or school campus or for smaller groups. It is the largest armoury of props & weapons in Singapore. Human’s v Zombies (or HvZ for short) is an immersive game played, commonly in Universities, as a team-bonding game. Planning & teamwork are critical factors to success. Zombie Tag designed with a strong necessity for team-work. They provide customized events as per the needs with their experienced staff ensuring a quick setup and enforcing safety standards, to give a great time!


It is a new non-profit organisation that offers empowerment, opportunities and champion exercise professionals to achieve their career aspirations. FitnessSG is bringing the idea of collaborative innovation to fitness and representing and supporting the fitness industry in Singapore. It is offering an opportunity to exercise professionals, businesses, education providers and allied health practitioners to connect and progress via their new co-collaboration initiative.

Recreational activity startups are helping people in finding balance in life. It is also promoting leisure and recreation activity which is enhancing the quality of life. Involving in physical recreation is helping people in gaining satisfaction in life and improving self-esteem. It is significantly implicated on mental health and, in turn, on physical health.

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